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Central Australia Virtual Trek, Week Six , Day 3 and 4 --Philip Island and Lakes Entrance

Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Good Morning, Sunshine".........singing at the top of my lungs as we drive one by one onto the ferry.......we are all going to meet and eat brekkie here on the, this is some huge ferry........I know......I know......I've seen pics of the bigger ones but only ever ridden on the smaller ones like the one across the River Murray. Ann said it should take around 40 minutes or so, depending on how long it takes to on load this side and offload the other side, so we have plenty of time to eat and have a cuppa as well.
yeah, yeah, I Know it supposed to be 'Good Morning, Starshine'.....
but it is a perfect song for this morning...a bit of happy nonsense...*grin* :)

Much to see and do this day and so we head out early to catch the ferry from Queenscliffe to Sorrento....

There is much to see while we cross over to Sorrento…….

Not the least of which is whale watching while on board

And on ward to Phillip Island.....where we will be staying tonight.....which to me looks like a dolphin in outline.
.First we go to the Koala Centre where we learn more about koalas and we even get to cuddle a few......but no taking them home..except for the toy ones in the gift shop.

what fun we had but even more fun that evening as we took our places to watch the penguin parade. Many more penguins than Granite Island but also much more touristy. We had to line up to get our tickets and take turns guarding our seats while the others went to the gift shop. Even so, we still ended up buying quite a few items.
Ann had told us that, "all day the penguins are out catching fish and every evening they return to their burrows - and when they come in they send first a spy to see if its safe - then they all collect on the edge of the sea - then march up together (or should that be waddle? ) to the burrows - its a fantastic sight - a whole flock together!! "

We will be dreaming of penguins tonight......well, that and koala bears........they were so cute.....

Day Four...up at and at 'em early to watch the sunrise......and to walk a bit on the beach...

and morning time it is...up with the sun....well,maybe just a tad before....cause I love watching the sunrise....and I spot several balloons already in the of these days I am going to go of these days.....hey, Gail........come go walking with me and then we need to refuel and restock......and I know just the place to do it before we head out....I saw an advertisement for The Chocolate know we can't miss this ....

I read one review that said 'best hot chocolate ever'......we gotta try that, right, Gail.??Then I also want to do a quick drive to Cape Woolamai and take the hike along the cliffs and see the get some in credible pics....if we have time, of course.......please, please, please....?? *grin* :)

ahh, well, there was not time for the extra walks but we did see the sunrise and we did get some of that 'best hot chocolate ever' well as some more chocolate.

Actually a short drive to Lakes Entrance where we will be staying the night.

We did stop on Morwell to stretch our legs and gaze in awe at all the lovely roses., My mother would have loved this place for she loved roses.

Lakes Entrance is a lovely fishing village and some great seafood, or it would have been but I was feeling a bit under the weather so opted to eat a bit in the camper van. It is early to bed for me tonight.
still time for a short but certainly lovely walk near the footbridge in Lakes Entrance

***Disclaimer*** though the trek is already over, my blogs are not....*grin* got a wee bit behind there and want to get them done before my impressions fade........though somehow I doubt very much that they will do that.....they are just too vivid
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