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We are getting it done, but time is iof the essence right now.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today I did some sewing cleaning and yard work. The bulk of the day was the children's toys. It is time to decide where they to from here.
I went downstairs and began dragging out box out of box, Fisher -Price, Star wars, GI JOE, the bulk of this is LEGO, I am hoping our sons will look over the pile in the garage and if they want to keep anything they can take it with them or I will store some for them till a later time . It will be packed and labeled if they want it.
When I left my mothers house after marrying DH, we were busy getting the house cleaned repaired and organized.
One weekend visit to Mothers house I asked for my BAYCO BUILDING SET. My grand mother bought it and I built houses with it often, I love stuff like that. She informed me she "LOANED "it to my stepfathers friend for her child to use. I asked about my DOLLS too, they were gone, I was so surprised. I felt certain my Stepfather wanted all vestiges of my child hood out of the house, that as a big disappointment to me. I felt I should have been asked.
That is the reason I will not do that to our sons. I want their permission to disposed or give away these items.
They all bought very expensive games and some of them are in demand since they are out of print. They have to look at those items too.
I am looking forward to seeing if any of them take anything.

I expect the LEGO will go. My mother brought our eldest son's LEGO from England before it was exported to the U.S. My mother did that to appease me for her giving away my building set.
Our local library is asking for KLEGO so I know it will get a home if they do not want it.

I have a huge closet emptied so I can fill it up with the boxes of fabrics I simply could not give away just yet.
I am hoping to teach some people sewing . The fabric will be very useful then.
I will be able to give hem hands on experience with fabrics. I think they will appreciate practicing on my old unused fabrics, threads and patterns too.
OFF TO BED Hugs Pat in Maine.
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    We are going to do this with our son too. He will need to take the stuff he wants though as his house is almost as big as ours and we don't have room to store all his things.
    1776 days ago
    1777 days ago
    DS's legos are still here, as are some other things important to him. DD left under hard circumstances, but she doesn't know that some things that I was pretty sure would be important to her once "the dust settled" were saved from her attempt to throw out at the time.

    And I would certainly like the opportunity for you to teach me things as per sewing, and I am going to be very surprised if others do not as well. I think that is just grand! My uncle has a storage building on his property that is storing things of my grandmother's from when she moved into a nursing home - and she was a fabric-a-holic. I would love to have some of it, but am not exactly sure just how to approach it with him. I don't see him often at all, and hate to just out of the blue call or write to him asking if I might have some of it.

    Anyway, I think it is just grand, Pat!
    1777 days ago
    I'm sure your sons will take a few of those items. If they don't take some of those out of print games, you may want to see if you can sell them on ebay. If you don't know how to do it I'm sure you can find someone who will. You never know, they could be worth lots of money.

    You have been so busy, it makes me tired just reading about all that you have done.

    Once I'm on summer break I'm hoping that I can get some more things cleared out in my apartment. But first things first, it's getting back into exercising everyday and if I have time and energy to do anything else then I will. If not, oh well my health is more important.

    Time to get a few more emails taken care of then stop to watch my DVD.

    1777 days ago
    Very thoughtful, Pat, very thoughtful! HUGS, Terry
    1777 days ago
    The grandkids are playing with our kids toys when they come. I have all the toys in boxes by age level. Once Jack is through with them I will need to decide what to do with them. We have lots of the kids books and the grands are really enjoying them. I had some of the ones from my childhood too, but they are not as interested in them. Gary is still sad about the train set his mother gave away without asking him. Good that you will give your sons a chance to claim their childhood treasures. emoticon
    1777 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    We went through all of this when we moved to Missouri. It is definitely a process.

    Hanging on to the fabric to use in teaching purposes is a very smart move.
    Good for you.

    Have a good Sunday.

    1777 days ago
    My children sold some of their toys at garage sales before we moved from Ohio to Florida. And more before we moved from Fla to GA. We kept some special things and all of the legos. We have a huge tub of legos and some of the bigger lego blocks and train for the toddlers.
    I've only thrown away broken, can never be fixed stuff. I've mended teddies till they were all mend and not much original left. I was the eldest of 10, my younger siblings got into my stuff and I have nothing left, but it's okay because it's only stuff and the people are more important.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    I don't like to throw away anything that my sons left home.
    Some of their favorite toys are items they can use to play with their kids now.
    The old toys aren't digital -- but they are entertaining and they bring back lots of fond memories for my sons.

    1777 days ago
    I still have a lot of my kids things and will also let them decide. Would never think of just giving them away without asking. Wise decision and I'm sure your kids will appreciate it.

    hugs....Mary Anne
    1777 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We never got toys.. one doll during my childhood.. one teddy bear for Christmas. When my panda teddy bear got soiled from the years of loving and using him as a pillow on the floor, my dad threw him in the incinerator while I was at school one day! The only toy I owned and he never even asked me. He was my friend, confidant in an abusive home..

    Thank you from me, for not treating their things like they belong to you. IT is very painful.
    1777 days ago
    I agree, it is very thoughtful of you to keep your sons toys and to let them decide if they want to keep them or give them away.
    1777 days ago
    It's very thoughtful of you to consider that they might want those things. You've gotten so much done in a short time! Enjoy your day in the yard.
    1778 days ago
    emoticon still working hard, I see! Get some rest!
    1778 days ago
  • RD03875
    I know what you mean about saving the kids' stuff. You are getting lots of cleaning done!

    1778 days ago
    Wow! You are going to be very organized for family!! And, when they leave you will have a neat, organized house! Sounds like things are going well!!
    1778 days ago
    Oh my goodness. LEGOS were one of my favorite toys too! My Mom kept them and both my son and my DD used them. DD wants me to keep them, so they're safely tucked away for future use! They're a great, great toy for the kiddos.

    Good luck with your day today! HUGS and smiles.
    1778 days ago
    Yes, you are right. I was lucky, my mother kept everything for me to decide, but my DH still feels sad at the way his cousin took all his toys. It wasn't kindly done.

    Have a great day.

    1778 days ago
    great of you to keep your sons' toys & let them decide what to do all the best getting ready for the reunion
    1778 days ago
    I'm the same way with my children's childhood toys and other things. I store them for them. They will come get things every so often but they know I will not give their memories away.

    Sounds like you're doing great!
    1778 days ago
    It sounds to me like you are decluttering
    1778 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Sounds like things are going smoothly at this time. You will be able to have everything done before the Family arrives. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Great Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1778 days ago
  • SPERRIN2012
    1778 days ago
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