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More Water!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Summer! I still haven't gotten back into the habit of drinking enough water. It's partially because I haven't been exercising enough, but it's affecting my ability to regulate heat.

And it gets 85 degrees in my "air conditioned" office at work, so I REALLY REALLY need to be efficient at regulating my body heat.

This is not water. It's coffee, or milk with coffee and sugar, or milk with sugar and powdered tea. Before I can drink any of this I need to have 16 oz of water. AFTER I have this I need to have 16 oz of water before I have anything else.

When I wake up, I shall have water. AT least a sip of water. I'll be thirsty, it'll be good and might lessen my morning headaches.

I will stop sighing over stolen water bottles, and get a new one, even if it has to be different if I need to.

I use a company insulated cup at work, so I've become less vigilant at carrying around water outside. I will collect up all of my water bottles and clean the dust out, and prep them to be my water receptacles. I will buy a new bottle cleaning brush at work since I'm hesitant to use the nasty one there.

Water is magical, hydrating, and healing! MMmm.
It's soooooo refreshing and delicious! Yum!

More water!
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