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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Got up, had breakfast, walked the dog. Then I went to my parents' house and cooked us all a healthy lunch. Afterward I visited with mom for a little while before Jeremy and I set off to go kayaking. We were thinking we would do four hours, but there was a lotof motorized boat traffic on the lake, so we did 2 hours and called it a day. (We have a new name for Jet skis... Small Highly Irritating Toys... spell it out... lol.) We had to carrying the boats quite a ways, which was fine on our way out, but the return trip was not as much fun. Carrying the boats to the water it was downhill, which means that after paddling for two hours we had to carry them UPhill. We stopped for gas and grabbed some dinner, then headed toward home, where we unloaded the boats, gathered up the dog, then Jeremy drove me and Cooper home. Got home, took the dog over to my neighbor and went for a quick run. I did my 2.1 mile loop in 17 minutes again. It isn't becoming easy by any means, but I think I will go back to the slightly longer route next week. I thought about doing it tonight, but it goes past several bars, which makes me a little uncomfortable seeing as it is Saturday night. Got back from my run and visited with my neighbor for a few minutes, then took the dog for his last walk of the day. Some kids were wolf whistling at me when we stopped to wait for the light to cross the street. I never know if people are being sarcastic when they do that, or if I really look that hot now. hmmm... Anyways, Cooper only felt like doing 1.5 miles this evening, so after we got back to the apartment I did two stretching videos, and some crunches, pushups and triceps dips. Now I am starving. I am going to go make myself a snack and enjoy every last bite!

So, that was my busy Saturday. I have nothing concrete planned for tomorrow, but my neighbor did say she would watch the dog if I wanted to go for a run, so even though tomorrow is a rest day I might go out for a run. I have a hard time making myself take rest days that are really rest days. It feels so good to exercise that I just want to do it every day.
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