Saturday, July 13, 2013

Am finally DONE with work this week at the piddly pay job, thank you Jesus. Whew. What a relief.

By the time I got to Thursday this week, I was so tired already.

Thursday 3p went to orientation at the crappy temp agency for the NGK job. Filled out MORE paperwork, AGAIN. There were several red flags during orientation about it being a bad situation, but I need another job, so I went ahead with it. I am hoping I am wrong. Or that I can stand it. And I am reminding myself of the people I've met who say it's alright. The temp agency allows giving a 24 hour notice, while you're working there, if it's not for you. So I'm going to go ahead and try. It will cost me $8 for a badge if it goes south. And will be additional income even tho temporary, and even tho piddly pay, if I can stand to stay there awhile.

After 13 weeks you're eligible for direct hire, IF your performance is such that they want you.

But I am not sure about being able to perform the physical demands, and won't know if I can do it til I go and try.

PLUS, this is the 105 degrees working environment place, which I am not sure if I can physically handle the heat. We are about to find out . . .

Two people told me the same thing, that working nights is NOT cooler . . . I don't understand "why" but you could tell there is a reason and that they were definitely sure . . . so I put down that I wanted any shift. Let the chips fall where they may.

Was supposed to be done with orientation at 4pm, but we got done at 4:20.

After 4:20, did an in-office saliva drug test in groups of 4, on the premises. I have had many but am used to peeing in a cup. So this was new and different.

Even tho I've never tried drugs, much less used, I am always afraid I won't pass. Of course I passed no problem.

Next hurdle: no one told me I'd need a copy of my high school diploma until 4:35pm on Thurs. CRAPPY TEMP AGENCY.

Have I mentioned I hate temp agencies?

I left the temp agency at 4:40 instead of 4, and went to work at the piddly pay job, really really late . . . changed into uniform, and worked my shift.

We were busy so I stayed late.

I was asked to stay later by the mgr on duty, by myself during the last hour, which I declined, and I am soooooooo glad I did, because the 3rd shift person no-showed. The mgr on duty had to call in the general mgr, and the two of them were up until 2am closing the joint (we're open 24/7, normally). That would have been me there til 2am if I had said "yes" to staying late . . .

On Friday I looked through a container of documents I had in my trunk; no luck on finding high school stuff. I'm not even going to touch trying to find it in ministorage.

Called the high school, they said email the request, I drove to the nearest wifi and sent the email asking for it to be faxed to a potential employer. Also asked for a hard copy to my PO Box address via snail mail.

Today (Sat) I read Friday's email that the faxing and mailing was done. So I have to follow up and verify fax receipt with the crappy temp agency on Monday . . . my HS does transcripts not diplomas so I hope that's sufficient . . .

During orientation for NGK found out the temp agency really does do a criminal background check, as well. (For a $9 an hour job - why????) I am sure the temp agency does not spend the $ to do this until AFTER they have everything else first (paperwork, I-9 verification, HS diploma, etc.) so my high school diploma is holding things up.

And, AND, therefore of course not, of COURSE you could not leave orientation knowing shift hours and days of work schedule, because you have to drug test, provide diploma, and pass criminal background test.

Have I mentioned I hate temp agencies?

So the "operations manager" who on Tues morning, told me that I wouldn't know til Thurs at 5, was apparently smoking something.

Never heard from Aerotek this week, after he visited with the client. I was supposed to hear, yay or nay, by Thurs pm.

Friday at the piddly pay job, we had a modem error / computer malfunction, and started writing down sales by hand on paper instead of ringing people up, using a hand held calculator to add up sales totals for orders, which made the lines REALLY back up, and called the general manager to come in. Friday we were shortstaffed, busy, ruined a bunch of bread that overproofed during the computer malfunction, and I worked from 3-11:30, solid. We were too busy so neither one one of us got a break. I made up my hours from orientation . . . Friday and Tuesday were two "days to forget" for this week, both harrowing in dif ways. My feet still ached on Sat morning.

Today (Sat) we were super busy as well, but we had a third person. Today's snafu was there was a new truck driver delivering our food and supplies order, so he was 3 hours late. And when he did arrive, finally, he was there unloading for almost an hour . . . no wonder he was running late if he did that at each stop along his route. So that tied up the mgr for an hour, so there were just two of us on the front line . . . but at least there were two of us in front, plus the mgr in back. Then the third person went home as scheduled, leaving just the two of us. When it was time for my break I put chicken and potatoes in the oven for supper, and while it was baking I cleaned up in the kitchen while the mgr was on the front line. I emptied and drained the sinks, rinsed and stacked the dishes that had accumulated while we were busy, cleaned the sinks, refilled them with new dishwater and rinse water, put dishes to soak, baked 2 ovens of bread, stocked the bread cabinet, cleaned the prep tables and surfaces, and then swept in back. All while on break. It looked like a bomb had went off back there, so, I was happy to get it all straightened up. Without being interrupted by being called up to the front 20X, which she couldn't do, because I was "on my break". She had lines of people, too, by herself. Which is not good. But it was nice to have some order restored in back, because of how behind we were. When everything is piled up, dirty, and surfaces and floors and sinks need to be cleaned before you can use them further, it is soooo discouraging. Then I ate lunch / supper, and went back to work. It is amazing what we do for minimum wage.

Grateful to be off and DONE til I go back Tuesday . . . wow that place is piece of work. Every day this week at the piddly pay job, without exception, we've had some bizarre unprofessional sitch.
TUES: upset by idiot at work & I cried on telephone call to friend
WED: understaffed & saddled with untrained new hire we couldn't train - only one of us running the place during breaks
THURS: understaffed, only one of us during breaks, worked late, then shut down due to 3rd shift employee no-show
FRI: understaffed, no break, worked late, register blew up, feet still ached Sat morn
SAT: truck driver was new delivering our truck order, 3 hours late + hour to unload, backing everything up for us - I worked during my break to clean up the kitchen because we were so behind.

Looking forward to church tomorrow, I am not serving at the bookstore but I'm going in early to set it up. Sales are better when I make the displays.
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    it would be nice if you can put this job behind you soon.
    1737 days ago
    I am sorry for your situation, but grateful for what God supplies, even though not what dreams are made of.
    emoticon emoticon
    1741 days ago
    hope you do get another job all the best emoticon emoticon
    1741 days ago
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