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Date night

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It has been a while since we my DW and I have been out together sans kids, so it was nice to have the opportunity.

We are at the end of a 2 week vacation at my DW's parents house on Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland. They have an old house tha requires a lot of upkeep, so Jill asked her dad if there was anything I could work on to help out. I did a few smaller jobs, like fixing the leaking kitchen sink, then my FIL said maybe I could fix the drainage pipe.

Their next door neighbor is my FIL's sister, Aunt Linda. Her house has this wacky drainage system that takes runoff from the gutters and from the lawn and drains through a pipe down to the lake. The system is great at collecting water, but requires a lot of maintenance. Any leakage causes erosion, which causes the pipe to break, which accelerates the erosion. Three others have tried to fix it befor me, with mixed results. I ended up working on the pipe for about 12 hours this week, digging in thick heavy clay, working on a steep and muddy slope, and jury rigging a fix with some added support to the pipe. The slope is so steep that it was challenging to get anything in to support the pipe, especially if it was full of runoff. Aunt Linda kept coming out and effusively thanking me for working so hard and saying she didn't know how she could thank me.

I wasn't really expecting anything, but after I was done, she sent over a card with a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. Now, neither of us really needed to go to the CF, but it is hard to turn down a free meal, especially when someone is willing to watch the kids (and more importantly, someone the DW trusts with the kids). We had a beer each, then I had the wasabi encrusted grilled ahi tuna, while Jill had the spicy chicken and pasta dish. And, of course, we had dessert. Jill had the peanut butter cup cheesecake (she is a sucker for anything peanut butter cup) and I had the mango key lime pie cheesecake. It was really yummy, the mango drizzle on top was just right, it could easily have been too much.

The gift card just about covered the tab and tip, which was also nice. We came home to the kids all asleep and in bed. Elizabeth had an accident in her pack and play, but grandma took care of it.

So, we head back to West Point tomorrow. We will be able to move into our house on Tuesday, then our moving truck should arrive Wednesday. Our oldest, Heidi, will be busy with gymnastics camp this week, and my DW will be finding things to keep the kids busy until school starts in Aug. It will be nice to get back to relative stability! I have gained back more than a few lbs over the past month of eating out and being on vacation. I am sure I will be able to lose it back after getting back to healthier and sustainable eating. Henry is just about ferberized and is close to being weaned. I think Jill is reluctant to stop nursing because of the extra metabolism boost it gives her, but I think she will stop soon after we get resettled. I don't think that we will go on diets per se, but will be more deliberate and sensible than w have been over the past month.

Which means that we really enjoyed the visit to the CF tonight, especially knowing we won't be going back there again any time soon!
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