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July 13- Complicators/ Stressors in Life

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wow, this week's BSG challenge Blog couldn't have come at a better time!

They asked us to list 5 things in our life that makes it complicated/ stressful; and in turn respond to how I might be able to fight that! So here it goes:

1. The stuff everywhere- classroom moves, in the house, parent's moving, just piles! It makes it hard to want to do things and just creates a lot of stress. I am fighting this by purging. I began hardcore today- getting through over 12 boxes!!!! I have moved, crawled, climbed, and sweated like crazy! (I feel like I earned the little extra food I had) This is just the first step- then I need to actually sell, recycle, trash, donate everything I get through.

2. Never-ending to-do lists: these have just become more and more exasperating as I am trying to get so much done during my non-existent vacation. I am trying to focus on getting one or two things done before moving on- hopefully this will pay off and I will reach all my goals for the summer. (And for those wondering- I am a teacher, I work summer school, and take PD- I am getting officially 1 week off after all is said and done- and that week will most likely be spent preparing for classroom set up the following week.)

3. My parents' move- this is becoming harder and harder. They have moved from Western PA (4 hour drive) to just west of Phoniex, AZ!!!!! I see my parents constantly, talk to my mom daily, and know they are just a short trip away. Now I am struggling with planning when I get to see them, how often, and what happens when I do finally have kids?! They are so far away!!! Right now- I have put making decisions or figuring out how to get to see them on the back burner- it is just too much to decide on.

4. Spending time with my hubby- so often he wants to work on projects that I can't seem to get him to do things with me. I am bummed that the one vacation I did want to plan, he just couldn't seem to get time off of work for it. I am still working on how to get him to do something or hang out with me without a project or stress around.

5. My contract for next year- I still haven't got the correct one!? I have been waiting, I have been assured I have a job, they just have to change my title. Hopefully this week. My plan has been to just ask a couple times a week to HR/ my principal to help maybe get it working.
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    Wow, Rachel, that is a lot of stress! I like all the things you're doing to try to cope and handle all these issues! When my family moved up to Western NY from SC about 8 yrs ago, it was a big change. My parents were in SC, and all my sisters and friends/church were there to. But there are ways to keep in touch! I know we live in an electronic age, but I just bet your parents would love little notes via snail mail (postal service) from you! Be creative and send pics and such from the family! It will put a smile on your mom & dad's face and maybe even a phone call or email from them! My mom would send me these hand made cards she and one of my sisters would make at least once a week! I loved getting them and would call her when a card arrived! (Just a suggestion)
    2103 days ago
    No matter how carefully we plan, sometimes life just doesn't go along. I had to move my parents--twice. Once when Dad was still alive, once after Mom started her descent into dementia. It doesn't make it any easier, it just wasn't something I had put on my bucket list. My basement has been filled with other people's stuff too many times, each time in order to go through it all in an orderly fashion. But time does pass, the lists do get checked off, jobs do get done. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time, you'll one day look back on it all with a smile and a shake of the head.
    2108 days ago
    emoticon Sending my prayer for you and may God give you the strength and comfort to deal with each of your complications. emoticon
    2108 days ago
    I can identify with many of your stressors, being a teacher and dealing with parents and a move...they are not the same as yours but similar. I feel badly that you have all of them going on at once! I hope that you can make some time for you in between all these things you have to do - whether it's to find time to exercise or meditate to feed your spirit. I wish you the best and hope that your hubby will find time to spend with you, as well!
    2108 days ago
    Rachel, you do have your hands full. I am sure you are up to the challenge.

    2108 days ago
    Wow, I really think you have 5 stressors combined into just one of those! If it's any consolation I think everyone that is a teacher is going through a couple of those things. Our building was in shambles last year - new admin all over the place, superintendent that demanded that Common Core be implemented fully, unexpected changes in teaching assignments and room changes, crazy APPR requirements, etc. Notice how I haven't even mentioned challenging kids! Since there were so many stressed coworkers and pessimists around me, my mantra became: worry about the things you can control and stay away from people who bring you down. Worked for me last year, but hope for some changes this year, although I don't think so! Hang in there and try to control some parts of it. Thinking of you! emoticon emoticon
    2108 days ago
    Wow! One of these sources of stress is more than enough for anyone. I'm guessing that needing to deal with them all can seem overwhelming at times. You are doing good things for yourself in working on parts of it each day. That's a terrific plan.
    And, as my mentor used to tell me - "don't forget to breathe" emoticon
    2109 days ago
    Hope it all works out for you, those are some pretty big stressors! I can totally understand the parents thing - I live 12,000 miles from my folks and wish sometimes that they were here to help with the kids. But I have learned so much about how strong I am on my own (with my husband and my kids' support, of course!) Hang in there, you're doing great!
    2109 days ago
  • TONYAB2000
    emoticon I hope you get everything sorted out quickly. Prayers.
    2109 days ago
    wow, your stress makes mine seem so small. Good luck! one thing at a time
    2109 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    Wow, 5 things may not sound like many, but in your case it definitely sounds overwhelming. Your plans for 1 and 2 seem like a good way to resolve some of that stress.

    As for 3, your parent's move, I hope that you are able to work something out. Maybe your parents can come to visit you? It is a hard situation I know because my daughter has always lived quite far away. Her daughter is now grown and her son is 14. I got to know my granddaughter when she was younger and luckily for me her dad lived her so I would get to see her when she came for visitation. The grandson, however, I feel like I barely even know. So, I hope that you find a better answer than we did.

    Good luck with getting hubby time. That is kind of how I feel this year since my husband has been so sick and isn't able to do pretty much anything.

    I pray that your contract for the coming year arrives and gets signed quickly so you can mark that stressor off.

    Hang in there my friend. Sending emoticon and prayers! emoticon emoticon
    2109 days ago
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