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Twinkies are Back!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saw this at my grocery store today. I had heard Walmart was going to have them back on their shelves this weekend, but didn't know they were going to be anywhere else. They didn't tempt me. Not to say I haven't eaten a Twinkie or two in my lifetime....but I discovered these this week, and they are delicious!

Only 90 calories of goodness compared to a Twinkie's 150 calories. It's a small savings, but I have learned every single calorie I can save----COUNTS!

Jen, over at
out/priorfatgirl-jen wrote an interesting blog a while back. She talked about gladly giving up her weight loss and her appearance in Shape Magazine, if it would bring her Mom back. She lost her mom in a car accident, just after she hit 100 pounds lost in her weight loss journey. She briefly lost her way, but then dedicated her goal to get healthy and keep the weight off to her Mom.

I often think about how much my weight loss is worth. I used to think it was the most important thing in my world. Then Du got sick, and I realized other things were more important, like LIVING! I too would give up the weight loss if it would take away his cancer. Even though I realize how important my weight loss is, because I will need to be strong to take care of him when he gets sick, I would still go back to being 328 lbs. quickly if it meant he could be cured.

And sometimes I think my weight loss is worth a million+ dollars. I don't think I would take a million dollars to give it up. Funny, how something like an illness can make you realize that money isn't all that important. It doesn't buy health, it can't buy weight loss, and it certainly doesn't guarantee happiness.

But I don't have the chance to give up my weight loss for Du's health. Life doesn't work like that. So I'm going to try like Hell to keep the weight off as I begin the most challenging journey of my life. I always thought losing weight and keeping it off was my biggest challenge, but that was only the beginning.....

I ask God and all of my Spark Friends to give me the strength I will need for this new challenge in my life. I am dedicating my goal to stay healthy and keep those 170 lbs. off to my wonderful Du!
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