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Spectacular Sunrise Rainbow Photo And Cold Wet, Rainy Hike

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I was up way too early as usual, but this time it paid off. I saw a gorgeous rainbow and ran to get my camera. I realized I would not get a good photo indoors so ran outside in my slipper mocs and jammies:

I had no way of getting the complete rainbow in my lens so took three photos of each section:

The last section:

On seeing the sunrise, it reminded me immediately of Northern Lights or a forest fire!

The sunrise was over swiftly, as soon as I took the rainbow photos and turned around to try one more sunrise photo, it was already rising:

Then a light rain started and Mom got up. She had an upset tummy so did not want to go out right away on our trek. When we finally did get going it was 9 am already. It was raining steady so I did not take my camera as its not waterproof. the temperature was a cool 11 C (51 F). Daisy was eager to get going. Cool weather agrees with dogs. We took an upper trail in just past the off leash area and it was grown in with tall grass and we quickly soaked our shoes and pant legs. We both wore rain jackets with a warm shirt underneath so did not get cold, although our hands did as the thin gardening gloves with rubber on only one side got quickly wet. We hit our turn around point and decided to try a lower trail. Big mistake. They were muddy with pools of water. We preserved and at some point after swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan trying to hang on and not slip into the pools of water, my GPS watch must have hit something and its pause button was pushed :(
We finally made it back to the top and got back to the off leash area. Daisy was one happy camper, having run in and out of the bushes while we were plodding and sliding along on the trails.
On a warm sunny day, I had taken a photo of her swimming:

My sister is coming in tomorrow for a memorial we are putting on for my Uncle. Unfortunately, it got into kind of a mess. My sister-in-law (my Brother's wife) was originally planning and organizing it. But unfortunately, her and my sister's husband (a terrible gossip, embellisher and outright liar) who text a lot back and forth, had told her my sister was doing the memorial card and taking over the gathering. Totally untrue, but my sensitive, depressive sister-in-law got into a snit and refused to do anything at all now. She also blames me as my sister asked me to write the tribute. Oh my. Not very pleasant. My sister-in-law only wanted our side of the family, not my uncle's illegitimate daughter whom he had kept hidden from us, but of course, my Father insisted she and her Mother should come. Going to be a little tension in that room tomorrow. My first impression of my Uncle's daughter was not good. She 'shook' my hand like a limp rag, barely touching which is telling. As soon as the will was known (Uncle left half his house to her and to his brother, my Father, the other half) she immediately started cleaning out the place, taking his photo albums and all the electronics. My Uncle at least gave my brother his new Chevy SUV while he was still alive or he would have gotten nothing. My sister and I will get no mementoes of him, but Sandy is hoping maybe for a dish that was special to my Uncle, but will be disappointed as he valued nothing like that. He only cherished his German music and videos. Uncle's daughter's Mom was more friendly and compassionate, hugging both Darrel and I after Uncle died and hugging and kissing my Uncle goodbye for the final time. His daughter just stood there, not touching him, but taking photos of his dead body. My Uncle hadn't wanted photos of himself taken while he was dying, and while I respected that (never entered my mind to take his photo) my Dad did not respect that either, and insisted on taking my picture beside my poor wasted away Uncle. I have twisted relatives.
I look forward to seeing my sister tomorrow, but won't enjoy the gathering to be sure. I will persevere as I always do and put my best foot forward.
Thanks for all your kind words and sympathy goodies. You are the reason I keep coming back.
Have a Super Sparking Saturday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lovely rainbow linda. Last time I saw one was in Joshua Tree National Park.
    1765 days ago
    Ah, family drama... Thankfully, my own immediate family consists of my son, his family, my daughter and my husband. We all get along and love each other. A far cry from the dysfunctional family I grew up with - a father and brother who committed suicide and a mother who chose alcohol over her children.

    You are blessed with a wonderful mother and your sisters. All of you are strong female role models who have persevered through life's challenges..

    Out of the ashes, a phoenix arises.
    1767 days ago
    So glad it turned out better than you had feared. (I read the next blog first.) Condolences on the loss of your uncle.
    1770 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    I learned last year that people can be downright weird in times of death. I guess we all face it differently but in grief emotions often go haywire. Stay strong
    1771 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1772 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    My deepest condolences to you and your family. May he rest in peace. emoticon
    1772 days ago
    Young people are very complicated these days, aren't they?

    And I have never even thought of taking a photo of a person in the hospital either. I don't know why, and I am assuming because people are in the hospital for medical reasons and not into putting our pretty faces on, especially someone terminal. My goodness! I swear, I have only been up 2 hours and now my eyes are WIDE open on that one!

    But the rainbow was for your sister's arrival, and your Uncle's passing. It was a gift, and you got to take a GORGEOUS picture of that. Now remember your Uncle in that rainbow and be strong during the memorial. I can never go to them because I am an emotional basket case and everyone knows it. (As I sit here and cry for your family this morning, I pray that you have a peaceful ceremony. But I know what you mean about not pleasant as we all took bets in the welcoming area of my ex's funeral as to who would be beating on who before the end of the ceremony. No one did...they waited until later that night.) :-)
    1774 days ago
  • C8TSON
    emoticon pictures!!! I love them all! emoticon
    1774 days ago
    Perhaps the rainbow was God's way of saying, "Have strength". You certainly have a lot of emotional insanity in your family right now. You sound sane, but I suspect you're shut down. Please take care of yourself and try not to let those people hurt you more than they have already. You deserve better. emoticon
    1774 days ago
    What a contrast: that glorious rainbow sunrise and the difficult family situation. I sometimes think these natural beauties are sent to comfort us just when we need them most. You will rise about it all and behave immaculately . . . and you're allowed to tell yourself that being a superb human being is the best revenge!
    1774 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I love those pictures! Send rain!

    Very few people I know don't have those awkward moments surrounding the death of a family member. I am sorry that your uncle's passing adds another chapter to "people behaving badly".

    1774 days ago
    Wishing you much peace, light and love tomorrow. I'm sorry an already trying time is being made even more challenging. Thinking of you. CJ
    1774 days ago
    rainbow beautiful
    1775 days ago
    1775 days ago
    Oh dear. It's too bad that a death in the family can bring out the worst in many people. I'll be thinking of you and wishing for the best outcome.
    1775 days ago
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