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A [minor] setback?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I come to you mildly frustrated, but attempting to maintain high spirits.

The past few weeks, the scale (and tape measure) have told me I'm getting bigger. 7 lbs and 1 inch [on waist/hip], to be exact.

This is NOT what I'm trying to do, here.

I am still eating clean, although I tend to splurge when I'm around family (story of my life)...but we're talking fresh salads daily, dressings with only 2-3 natural ingredients, homemade granola bars, home-cooked meals, spinach and fruit smoothies, and healthy fats [in small doses] like avocados and coconut oil. I even eat about 90% vegetarian, these days.

So what's changed? Well, two things.

1) Thanks to a fellow sparker, I discovered that because my goal date was set to like January 2012 (oops!), no matter how much I was working out, my calorie range was set fast to the minimally safe calorie range. I set my goal date for something more reasonable (Feb 2014), and for the first time in almost 2 years, my calorie range went up. So for a month now, I've been eating 1500-1800 calories instead of 1200-1500.

2) I've started weight training. Don't get me wrong, I've always done strength training, but it was more of the 3-lb-dumbbells-and-Jane-Fonda-
video style of strength training. So I went from literally only lifting 3-5 lb weights in high reps, to using 15 lb dumbbells at home for free weights and WAY more on the machines at the gym.

I know that weight training can add weight initially, but I've never heard of it adding inches. Still, I'm hoping this gain in size is temporarily. Nonetheless, I will continue to monitor it carefully. In the meanwhile, I'm staying positive. I feel there's simply no way I won't be healthier if I continue to strength train and eat clean. All roads have bumps in them.

With that being said, my boyfriend and I are going to visit his father in his hometown next week, this will be the first time they've seen each other in 3 years and the first time I've ever met him or been to my boyfriend's old town. The idea of meeting his family, oldest friends, and even potentially some ex-girlfriends have caused some deep-rooted insecurities to bubble to the surface, especially since the visit is happening during this little weight gain. So wish me luck and courage, I want to be confident in myself, both inside and out, and make a good impression :)
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    I feel you. I just wrote a post on this very subject the other day. Aye aye aye. Actually though, if you're strength training more and lifting heavier weights, you will gain muscle and that may cause you to gain weight, but it's muscle weight not fat weight. Don't rely solely on the scale for progress. My trainer has me do a body fat check, body measurements w/ a dressmaker's tape once a month w/ him, and now I'm going to start only weighing in w/ him once a month too (as I was getting super obsessed w/ the scale). When you combine all of those, that really tells the story. I was at a certain weight when we did our last month's check, but I had actually lost 1% of body fat AND when I measured w/ the dressmaker's tape, I had lost like .25 to .5 of an inch in measurements all around, so obviously I'm doing SOMETHING right. It's good to check in on the scale of course every once in a while (no more than 1x a week, preferably 1x a month), but it doesn't tell the entire story...especially if you are strength training. In fact, my friend lost 20 or so pounds initially. She basically was just doing cardio. She added strength training in. She went up about 5-10 lbs BUT she looks even sleeker than when she weighed 5-10 lbs less because now she's got more muscle than fat.
    1744 days ago
    Sometimes something as simple as not enough sleep can cause higher numbers on the scale and the measuring tape. Keep up the good work! The main goal is to be healthy, not to adhere to a certain number.
    1774 days ago
    Thanks everyone for your support, it means so much! :)
    1776 days ago
    Muscle weighs more then fat. That being said, continue and walk with your head high and be friendly. You will survive, and probably come out smelling like a rose.
    1777 days ago
    1777 days ago
    good luck. you can do it stay positive
    1777 days ago
    Good luck in your weight loss journey!
    1777 days ago
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