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The one where I eat a steak and don't worry about it

Saturday, July 13, 2013


So today, I joyfully embark on an adventure where I will, without being angry at myself, eat what I want fully and completely without care or consideration. It is my planned day of indulgence, and I am joyfully and willfully and happily entering into the day with my fourth cup of coffee and the enjoyment of having played batman on the floor of the playroom with my three year old for the last hour.

See, I sometimes do things that are fun and exciting and not fitness centric. They help exercise my curiosity or my imagination or my desire to enjoy the arts. I am going to see Wicked today. Not only that, I splurged, far too much, on the "not cheap" seats, sitting stage left in the first row behind the orchestra pit. I will look up and watch the actresses and actors sing their bloody hearts out and I will enjoy every minute of sitting on my (now much smaller) rear end while doing so.

Then I'm going to a wonderbar steak place. And I'm not only going to not order a baked fish dish, I plan to fully enjoy a rib-eye steak. I might switch out some of the butter-laden fat filled potatoes or vegetables, and I might leave some of it on the plate so as not to fill myself to overfull, but I am going to have wine. I am going to enjoy bread. I am going to eat my steak and not worry about it.

And I'll track it, sure, but I'm not going to the gym tomorrow to try and burn off the bazillion calories. I'm just going to enjoy the day and then get back on track tomorrow. And if I'm a few pounds heavier, so be it.

Because on some days, when you're doing as well as I have over the last month and a half, you just have to take a break and enjoy what life has to offer you.

Today, it offers INDULGENCE and I'm going to willfully and joyfully dive in full force like I always do.
Because fitness is a lifestyle thing, and today is a wonderful break in that long-term change.

(besides, I did a kettlebell workout last night, then added arms and chest and shoulders because I could, and I held my plank for 50 seconds (although I was shaking like a naked Eskimo at the end) and I did 50 pushups in a SINGLE set twice this week, meaning I'm getting close to upping my daily pushes to 100 per day... so you know, let's just say, progress ain't gonna be hampered too badly :) )

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks everyone -- it went well.

    Hakapes-- I do track my eating, even on indulgence days, and my tastes have changed a bit, but not entirely. The interesting part for me is when I started my exercise and eating differently in a more significant way a few months back, I found I was having a much harder time eating enough calories. Even with the steak and dessert (and wine) yesterday, I finished well above my average, but still in the mid-two-thousands mark, which considering what I ate, was pretty amazing.

    I think the best part about becoming more fit is the fact that I am able to brush it off a bit easier. Today I hit the gym, some cardio to warm up then chest and back and it felt great. I won't complain, then, when on occasion, while out on a date with my wife, we get a bottle instead of a glass or we choose to eat dessert.

    LadyVolsFan-- I have enjoyed Wicked since I first saw it. I caught the original cast in NYC way back in the day, and have enjoyed it very much since then. This was our fourth time seeing the show. It was incredible. I think the thing I like best about the musical is it has a lot of good lessons and I hope it is still playing when my girls get older and would appreciate the adventure to go see it and understand the lessons contained therein.
    1741 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    Good for you! It's great to have an occasional indulgence day. How did you like Wicked? I loved it - saw it a few years ago with my son's band class. We went to St. Louis to see it - on a school bus full of wild and crazy teenagers! Talk about fun! It was well worth the splurge to see it.
    You're doing great! Keep it up!
    1741 days ago
    Do you still take care of your portions on these days?
    Do you still track?

    As for me, I experienced that my taste changed during the last years.
    I don't find indulging the stakes and ribs anymore, and bread disappeared almost completely from my diet, and crave other types of food.
    Especially when I do a lot of exercise, I noticed I crave much more fresh fruits, salads, and low prepared food. When I'm low on exercise, it tends to go back
    1742 days ago
    Good for you - I say yes! Yes to an occasional indulgence day. Tomorrow will here soon enough, and you can get back to business
    1742 days ago
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