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If One Reads It in "Women's Health" Magazine...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

... it must be true.

Well here is the latest on the age-old conundrum for all of us Sparkies: which is more important -- diet or exercise? Yes, you have to pick one. Vote with your comments. "Both" gets you banished to... oh I don't know... Dunkin' Donuts. (See my previous Blog on Donut Sparking).

Women's Health Magazine (not that as one of the roughly 4% of all Sparkies who is male, that I am an avid or regular reader) recently published yet another article on the age-old diet-vs-exercise issue. Here is the hyperlink:

The article makes the point that exercise is key to healthfulness, but that diet takes the pounds off more effectively if forced to pick one. And here is what was for me, the key takeaway: If you eat a (say) 3,000 calorie lunch, no one has the amount of time to work those extra pounds off. Of course, as good Sparkies, we cannot imagine a 3,000 calorie lunch. Or can we? Pick one...

Door No. 1:
Door No. 2:
Door No. 3:

Raise your hand if you think those meals look patently ridiculous and revolting. Good! That's most of you. And for the rest, thinking "Yumm" or "I could go for that just now", you have some work to do. Which is...

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    You can be thin and unhealthy
    If I were to pick between being thin and being healthy, I would pick being healthy, both thin and healthy are best, but if you are making me choose one, it would be exercise over diet.
    1804 days ago
    Since i don't like o count calories and listen to the food police on eat this not that ...
    this is good for you and this isn't and the food tracker often can't find what i eat i will eat normal size meals and pick exercise since gardening grass cutting walking are consider exercising and you can so many mini work outs watching TV exercise sounds good to me. we all now we need a mix of both though to be healthy..
    1805 days ago
  • KATHRYN1955
    Definitely diet....I would have to exercise for hours to undo one Easter dinner!!!
    Exercise is good for lots of other things, but not primarily for losing weight.
    emoticon emoticon
    1805 days ago
    "diet or exercise? Yes, you have to pick one. Vote with your comments. "Both" gets you banished to... oh I don't know... Dunkin' Donuts."
    * As long as I was basically active (walk around on breaks do stuff around the apartment), then yeah. The Dreamer votes for diet.

    " If you eat a (say) 3,000 calorie lunch, no one has the amount of time to work those extra pounds off. Of course, as good Sparkies, we cannot imagine a 3,000 calorie lunch. Or can we? Pick one... "
    * "Imagine" a 3000 calorie lunch? For me it's more like "remember it". I used to eat about 1800 calories for lunch every day. I lost 10 pounds while doing so.

    "And for the rest, thinking 'Yumm' or 'I could go for that just now', you have some work to do. Which is... (Why you are here)"
    * Hey, a bro can look as long as he doesn't touch. Right Bros!!??
    Bro #1: Whaaaaatt!? (does raise the roof gesture) (#raisetheroof)
    Bro #2: True dat!!
    Bro cat: Mmmm MM I's can go haz me cheezburger. lol (#lolcats)
    (Bros and bro cat fist pound and high five each other)

    That being said, the quantities in the picture do seem a bit up there. :D

    Good blog.

    1805 days ago
    Diet. Duh.

    I can out eat ANY amount of exercise.
    1806 days ago
    I vote for diet!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1806 days ago
    You can't out exercise a bad diet. And I believe it.

    As far as the 3,000 calorie lunch, that is doable. A friend and I did that once. I was shocked at the calories we racked up in no time. No "double doubles" or giant servings. Just an appetizer (split between the two of us), separate entrées, and separate desserts.
    1806 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Gotta be diet. Adam and Eve did not hike out of that garden, or in it. They did eat though..
    People stay alive with tube feedings but no exercise,, ... no-brainer..

    The pics are gross..
    a chefs salad would have me voting though...
    1806 days ago
    Diet #1 of course but ........ exercise is also very important.... move it or lose it.

    PS the food looks ridiculous
    1806 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    If a gun were held to my head and I was forced to pick between the two, I would have to say diet. It impacts much more than our weight. What we eat affects all the components of our bodies, Heart Disease, Type 2 diabetes, Gout, High Blood Pressure, to name a few. And having said that, I would prefer to pick diet as I am more sloth-like than gazelle-like. It is "easier" to do diet alone. It requires much less effort.

    But...and here is where I will be banished to the great unknown, to be truly successful, you need to do both. Dieting alone, will only take you so far. As you lose muscle, and you will, your metabolism slows down, forcing you to eat less and less in order to continue to lose. And as you lose that muscle, your body gets that "hanging skin" look. (Unless, of course, you are some young, pubescent thing, with elastic skin.) Only muscle can fill the void where the fat once was. As you age, you lose muscle naturally, and by not exercising, you exacerbate the problem. So, my friend, I wish you adieu, because I have to pick both.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1806 days ago

    At least 80% of weight loss/maintenance for me is tracking the calories.

    (Exercise is mostly about cardio fitness and muscle toning AND mood modification!!)
    1806 days ago
    I have to say diet is most important. Before I joined I had already lost 60 pounds without exercising. I am not an exercising freak now. I may exercise for 30 minutes a day, except summer, I am in the pool as much as possible, but the rest of the day I am sitting on my butt usually. I have lost over 120 pounds. If exercise were the most important it never would have happened.
    1806 days ago
    I have to say diet also because the "You can't outrun a bad diet." is a true statement. I have to say that as ridiculous as the pictured meals look, I'm sure I've had many with the equivalent fat and calories. Come to think of it, #3 doesn;'t look that unappealing.
    1806 days ago
    All three of those pictures made my chest hurt just thinking about it. I'm voting Diet as well. I believe both are necessary but when I first started my journey I lost 12 lbs in a few months just by changing what I was eatting as well as my portion sizes.
    1806 days ago
    urk all of that stuff just turns my stomach!

    Neither! Unless you call cutting out carbs/sugars "diet." For me, it's just a change in the way I look at food in general. I suppose that's "diet," - meaning what we eat, not a "reducing diet."
    1806 days ago
    Great blog (made me chuckle!). I have to agree with the "diet" choice, as that was the turning point for me..not that I don't work out, but at least I am not trying to burn off 3000 or more calories!
    1806 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    My arteries just clogged from looking at the pictures....

    Is there an option 3? If I don't deal with the emotional side of things, it's nearly impossible to eat or exercise the way I want to to maintain my current level of health.

    If I just get to pick diet or exercise--diet was the most important when I was in active weight loss. But I've been more or less maintaining for long enough that now I think exercise matters more. If I get the right amount of exercise, I want the right kind of foods. Plus it's stress relief, so it helps with the emotional/balance side of things.

    (How's that for a straight answer??)
    1806 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/13/2013 9:54:16 AM
  • MISSLISA1973
    Those don't look good, but 3000 doesn't seem that hard to reach. {sigh}
    1806 days ago
    1806 days ago
    Ok, my first impulse was to vote BOTH JUST to get "banished" to Dunkin' Donuts (is that banishment????? Hmmmm) But alas, here's how I REALLY feel:

    Diet/nutrition is the more important. I like putting it on the input/output analogy. You have to put the food in if you expect your body to perform. So, nutrition #1, diet #2. I DO like the logic of diet being first alphabetically too!

    Great blog. "FOOD for thought."
    1806 days ago
    Diet. Got to get intake somewhere around output before exercise makes a weight management difference; but exercise always makes a health difference and cannot be ignored.
    1806 days ago
    I would say exercise. Regardless of how you eat - if you do enough exercise, you wont gain weight.
    1806 days ago
  • DALMOM2007
    I vote diet. Exercise is required more for least for me. From past experience, and even these past two weeks, I've lost due to diet..I haven't even begun exercising...well, until this morning. (I'm working on meeting the Spark suggested calories to burn per week.) I'm focusing on being a good Sparky. emoticon
    1806 days ago
    Yeah, I'd say diet. Because that's usually where I fall down? Because you are what you eat? Because that's where we get our nutrients and all that? Because it comes first alphabetically?
    1807 days ago
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