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Friday, July 12, 2013

So I had 9 days of vacation in June (it was a WONDERFUL trip) and I didn't track my food during that time. I tried to be conscious of when I ate and how I felt (when I was hungry, when I was full, etc.) and I gave into sweets far too often. I gained a few pounds, some of that water weight. But I WALKED. I got in SO MUCH WALKIING on the trip. And it felt GOOD. 7 of the 9 days I had over 5,000 steps, 4 of those were over 10,000 and 1 of those was over 20,000!
Once I got back, I still wasn't tracking my food and I was having a hard time getting out of the sugar habit and couldn't figure a way to keep up the walking. I went to a ball game with my coworkers (paid for by my company - how nice!) and someone took this really cute pic of me and M. It's my new profile pic, in case you don't know which one I'm talking about. And while I do think it's a cute pic, it shows so clearly how much I don't want to look like that. Plus there was another pic I won't even post of me with my folks (my dad works for my company so my parents were at the game too) and OMG I look like my mother! In good ways, yes, but also in the not so good ways.

The game was Friday June 14th, and I got the pic on Wednesday of the next week. Starting that very day, I gave up sugar again. And started tracking my food again. And started trying to get more steps in each day. I weighted 186.6 a couple days after vacation and figure that was also my starting weight a week and a half later.

So since that Wednesday, the 19th (23 days):
I've had no sugar 19 of those days
I've stayed in my calorie range 12 of those days
I've had 5000+ steps1 12 of those days
I've done actual cardio 5 of those days.
I'm down almost 3 pounds (which is almost a pound a week - YAY)

Considering how many days I've been over on calories and how few days I got any cardio, 3 pounds in that 3 weeks is pretty good.

I have also started cooking more, and have been trying new vegetables (well, ones I have little or no experience with). I used to think that only green vegetables counted, and the only ones of those I liked were broccoli and petite green beans and the occasional mixed baby greens salad. I've discovered I also like rainbow chard, zucchini (as long as it's not over cooked) and leeks. I'm also realizing that even if it's not green, other veggies are still good. Corn or a plain small potato is still better than bread. OH! And I also discovered almond butter, and how awesome our local Sunday Morning farmer's market is. I also learned to how to can fruit (and if I want to, vegetables) so I can attempt to have my favorite summer white nectarines for Christmas. :)

On the advice of my osteopath, I'm going to try a sort of cleanse for the next 30 days (starting tomorrow). I'm testing the theory that because I've had so much sugar, the yeast in my gut has overbalanced my good bacteria. I've read and heard more than a few places that my sugar cravings are often yeast that doesn't want to die (and feeds on sugar) and that's why my cravings last for a couple of weeks after I stop eating any, that could be related to a specific imbalance in other bacteria (female problems) I chronically have, and recent studies about gut bacterial imbalances causing tiredness, low energy, digestive troubles, etc. So I'm going to take an herbal and probiotic supplement for 30 days, and have no sugar, and theoretically also no wheat, for those 30 days. This also means almost nothing fried, which I've been trying to eat less of anyway, cuz most of it is dredged in flour first. I'm not going permanently gluten free or anything, gluten isn't my problem. I'm just staying as much off it as I can for the 30 days of this supplement I'm gonna take to see if I can get things balanced. And then I'll go back to having small amounts of wheat about as frequently as I currently do. I don't really know if I can be wheat free for 30 days, but I'm going to try it and see.

This will also be a good time to make me eat all whole foods, which is something I've been gradually moving toward for awhile. If you're only eating grains that still LOOK like grains (have the germ and bran all still intact) then bread and tortillas and crackers and corn chips and white rice and pasta are all out anyway. It'll be a challenge and it'll be interesting to see how I do. I'll sure be cooking at home a lot! Which is another thing I need to do more of. :)
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    I like your report. Thoughtful and insightful. ONWARD!!
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