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Friday 7-12-2013 Assortment

Friday, July 12, 2013

A police officer pulled over a man he suspected of driving drunk. He asked the driver to blow into a Breathalyzer to test his alcohol level, but the man refused, claiming he had asthma and blowing into the tube would cause him to have an attack.
“Fine,” said the cop, “come down to the station and I’ll give you a urine test.”
Again the man said no, saying he had diabetes and urinating would cause his blood sugar to fall to a dangerous level.
“Okay,” the cop said, “why don’t you get out of the car and walk down the white line for me?”
“I’m sorry,” the man said, “but I can’t do that, either.”
“Why not?” the cop asked, exasperated.
“Oh, because I’m drunk,” answered the driver.
How many games were played in the longest match in professional tennis history, the 11-hour, 5-minute 2010 Wimbledon epic between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut?

An incredible 183 games—138 of which were in the decisive fifth set, which Isner won 70–68 after 8 hours and 11 minutes.


On a 2009 episode of the Nickelodeon kids’ sitcom iCarly, Spencer (Jerry Trainor) had no idea what to make for dinner for his family. So he invented spaghetti tacos, hard taco shells filled with noodles and marinara sauce. After that episode aired, the food became a cultural phenomenon both in the world of the show (the main characters make a popular Internet show) and in real life. In one episode, characters oversee a spaghetti-taco-making contest on a cable show, and in the real world, spaghetti tacos were the most-requested food item at American school cafeterias in 2010. “Spaghetti tacos make it possible to eat spaghetti in your car,” Syracuse University pop-culture professor Robert Thompson told The New York Times. “It’s a very important technological development.”
The winning acts on The Gong Show received $712.
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