DD's Salad

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DD (Daughter) has been begging me to let her make a salad for dinner for the family. As in, every night she asks when will I let her do it. She does imaginary play during the day of making salad with leaves, sticks and flower petals. So, who's to turn down a kid that wants to make a salad, and declares that salad is her favorite food?! The truly remarkable thing is that DD's salad is identical to the dinner salad made by her grandma, whom she has only met a handful of times. I swear I have eaten this salad a gazillion times, just never made it in my own house! It really amused me how DD's sense of taste was passed down from the older generation! Hers is a pretty salad, having shades of green, red and bright orange. It's crunchy, too. For that reason, it makes a nice counterpart to a main entree with a mooshy consistency, such as soup or stew. Bon Appetit!


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