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Building Endurance

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The definition of the word endurance is as follows:

The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress.

A marathon tests a runner's endurance.

The state or fact of persevering.

Through hard work and endurance, we will complete this project.

Continuing existence; duration.

Looking at this definition, it really is very simple to build endurance. Well, simple if we're willing to put in the hard work. LOL

All we have to do, is get out there repeatedly and do whatever it is that we are striving to do.

Easier said than done?

Of course, all the most worthwhile endeavors are not the easiest ones for us.

Eating healthy for example, is not easy when we first attempt to change our eating habits. Food is a necessity and it's also very often tied to childhood memory and emotions. I know that certain foods trigger feelings for me both good and bad. Learning to eat ice cream for example in an appropriate way is OK. Savoring the taste texture and yes the memories are all good things. When it comes to eating, I have had to build endurance just as I have when it comes to my fitness. And I have. I eat so much better at least 80% of the time. I still have times when I choose poorly or when I let something other than hunger control my eating, but it doesn't happen nearly as often. There are foods and beverages that I know I can't have very often as I have discovered they are triggers for further mistakes in eating. I have also learned that those same foods and beverages generally leave me feeling less energetic and often struggling with headaches or other discomforts. So, I'm still building endurance in this regard, but it is getting easier.

Enter today's run.

My last run was a long one. The longest one since getting back to my running. Today's run could have been a short, easy run. I chose instead, to make it a run of the distance which had been my long run just a short time ago.

The idea here is to build endurance. Asking my body.......and my mind, to run a longish distance only 48hours after having done a long run, builds endurance. It's important to ask my muscles to put out when they might feel like taking it easy. It's also important to expect the same of my mind.

Now you might want to know how today's run went.

It was great. I did feel at times as though my legs were tired, but I was able to run my chosen route. Amazingly, my pace was fairly consistent and my overall time was acceptable. My heart rate was kept within my ranges and I felt pretty good throughout the run. Even more important, was that I proved to my mind, that my body was capable of doing this run.

Physical and mental endurance. That's a nice thing!
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