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Rascals, Romance & Riches (or lack thereof)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I don't know how two weeks has already flown by, but it's already mid-July. How did this even happen?

A few fun updates to report:

Miss Minerva and I are getting along splendidly. She absolutely adores my kids, which surprised and delighted me. She is definitely a cuddle bug and she has been the PERFECT kitty! I'm SO glad I adopted her!

The kids are on a 13-day trip to Florida right now with their Dad and grandparents. They are hitting the beach, then Disney World. So excited for them!

And, gotta admit, it's nice to get an extended break. I have decided to go into business with Melaleuca and this is a wonderful time for me to hit it hard and get this business started right! I've just been so pleased with everything I've received so far and I should be receiving another 50+ products this week. Can't wait!

Last weekend was the 4th of July AND my birthday (on the 6th). I took Friday off of work and made it a long weekend because my sweetie booked us an adorable little cabin in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. It was AMAAAZING...had a covered hot tub outside and a heart-shaped jacuzzi tub inside.

We grilled out EVERY SINGLE MEAL. We checked in and only left ONE time to go buy a birthday cake. Otherwise, we laid around, read books, watched every single Harry Potter movie, talked, napped and just enjoyed being together. It was just the most relaxing and amazingly wonderful birthday EVER.

This is my favorite part. At 6am on my birthday, we woke up and he gave me this gift:

Now, get this. He wisks me away to a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains for four days and then he says, "I'm sorry it's not the most romantic gift." HA! Are you kidding me? He's A SAINT! And I just adore him!

I have been able to stick to my nutrition plan rather well for the past couple weeks. However, I just paid rent so now cash is seriously strapped. I've noticed an odd phenomenon in eating healthfully.

When you have a full regular grocery budget, it actually seems that it IS cheaper to buy fresh fruits and veggies, etc and that it's MORE EXPENSIVE to load up on the processed foods and carbs, etc. BUT...when you have a VERY LIMITED budget (like, say, $11 that has to buy you and your kids at least 4 meals - hypothetical situation, I'm sure!), then it is LESS expensive to load up on the carbs and processed stuff. It's a conundrum. And I just realized this today. WEIRD. Perhaps I just need more training in how to shop on the cheap for veggies, etc.

Anyway, there you have it. Hope you all are well! Have a lovely weekend!
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