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Thursday, July 11, 2013

You know the one. It's the gold brick one I'm paving with my "intentions" of losing weight. More bricks today.

I was supposed to go meet with the trainer today to learn the new equipment and get a routine set up.

Then I got up to find that the washing machine had finally given up from being overloaded (trying to teach certain household members that just because it FITS in the washer does NOT mean it is ONE LOAD?!). Son says he didn't overload the washer, so evidently Duke and Leo are doing his chores for him?

Anyway, the pressure switch that tells the washer it is safe to spin and drain broke off and was sitting out of sight in the space between the top and the drum. I figured easy fix, just take the screws out and put it back in place and tightern it back up. Just vibrated loose, right? Um. Wrong. The thing is plastic. So the part of it that the screws went into had broken off. With the washer full of water. Needing a rinse, of course, because it is one of those "energy efficient" pieces of junk that "spray rinses". Yeah. I called and cancelled my training session, because I knew my day was shot.

The plan was drop son off at last day of choir camp, go to the co-op and schedule a service call ASAP. Yeah. That was gonna cost at LEAST $100 (I'm telling you, I am in the WRONG business!!!) More, depending on parts and if it took more than 1 hour. And at that point, I wasn't sure that the switch was the only thing broken! So I asked what, if any, used machines they had. They had a front loading, energy saving model. One that actually let's you use liquid fabric softener! (The spray rinse doesn't. Hanging laundry outside with no fabric softener is NOT an option. I don't like stiff jeans or undies)

I dreaded asking how much to deliver, connect, and dispose of the old one (after all, look what the repair was going to be!?) Total?? $211. Rough, but do-able. Especially with son cleaning his room (at least 6 more loads of clothing, the who knows how many for bedding!). Taking all of that to the laudromat would have cost around $60! And weekly laundry was $20, which was why Hubs bought me the washer right before we got married. (Hubs is GOOD!)

SO, tomorrow I get my new-to-me washing machine. And today? I have killer stress headache and a concert to go to tonight. I will deal with it.

And what did Hubs have to say about all of it?? He's glad I was able to just make the decision and spend the $ without worrying (too much) about asking him before I did it. He appreciates that I consider his opinion and that it concerns me to spend that kind of money without talking it over, because he works so hard as it is. But his first wife was a spender and always spending money they didn't have. So I worry when there is a big expense. And last week it was a car repair and this week it's the washing machine, and son's tuition for his college class is coming up.

Hubs' reaction? "I'm done unloading in Laredo, what colors of yarn do you want me to look for at Walmart and Michael's?

Honestly! That man is incredible. Aren't I the luckiest woman in the world? Yep, Hubs is a keeper!

And he still plans to be home the first week of august for our anniversary and my birthday.

Yep, Hubs is VERY good.
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    Wow Seni you do have a great husband! How sweet of him to want to go look for yarn for you! I'm so glad he will be home for your anniversary and birthday!

    My first husband gambled all of our money away and I learned to live very frugally. My new husband's ex-wife was like your husbands. She could only have the best of the best and the newest of the newest and the most expensive. She just ran them into great debt and never asked his opinion, she just went out and bought first then told him, even a motorcycle once! I on the other hand will not make any big money decisions without his input first. He doesn't know what to think of me!

    Good luck with the new washing machine I'm happy for you!
    1747 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Hey, I love my front loader washing machine! Just leave the door open between loads. It's wonderful to have a husband who supports you. isn't it? I've got that, too.
    1748 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Does he have a twin brother?????? Even an ugly twin brother?? Bald ugly twin brother? emoticon

    Keep us posted on that front loader.. Everybody I know is getting rid of theirs,, it takes forever to do one load, after awhile, they get a scummy build-up behind the drum that you cannot see. but it smells and gets in your laundry.

    i always wanted to get a maytag washer that recycled the water into your stationary tub for the next load,, My SIL had one and like it. but my ex-hub would not hook the hoses to he plumbing and existing tubs, so he paid the bigger water bill.
    1748 days ago
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