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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yesterday I had my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers. It took some courage considering that this past week I managed to eat out more than normal. I only gained one pound which was a minor miracle. I'm still below the 300 mark, so I have survived to fight another day. So i call getting on the scale the ACCOUNTABILITY TOOL.
Then, during the meeting, I got my feelings hurt, and my pride was wounded. I tried to acknowledge and move on, but it stayed with me all day long. I chose my regular lunch at our regular restaurant, So I stayed on track without crossing any lines outside my normal food selections. When I got home I tracked my food. So I used the TRACKING TOOL, both in choice and content.
I prayed in the afternoon because i knew I needed divine intervention between me and the refrigerator! So that was my SPIRITUAL TOOL for divine help!
After a small but satisfying dinner salad the dangerous time of night,after dinner, had arrived. By then there was little to be done except get busy making a phone call to engage with another like minded person. So I called a WW friend and she had the same feelings I did about the day, except that it didn't happen to her. After we talked a while, she apologized for venting to me on the subject, and I said,"NO! thank you for expressing your insight into the occurrence because it was just what I needed to hear, and now I feel better!" She thought she was sounding off about another person, but it was more of a situation, and I think we both felt relieved that someone else also saw the truth of the matter. So, needless to say, by the time the call ended I no longer needed to prepare the evening snack fest of an hour before. So that was the TOOL of FRIENDSHIP.
Now I am BLOGGING by writing about the situation and that helps me, and maybe will help someone else break down the process of saying "NO" to the call of food. I hope and pray that it does. What loomed so large yesterday afternoon is now resolved, shared, a lesson learned, and in the past. emoticon
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