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Is it bad that I hope other people at work will eat the junk food before I give in to temptation?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I kind of feel like a bad person. There have been a lot of single-serving bags of chips and cookies and things around work because we've had events and so on happening lately. Chips have become my latest pregnancy OMG-can't-get-enough-0f-it food (previous foods on this list include any meat, peanut butter, crackers, oatmeal cookies, hummus...not all at the same time, they take turns). So it's been hard to resist and I have definitely snacked on chips a fair bit recently. At least they were Baked Lays and Baked Whatevers.

Anyways, what makes me feel bad is that I get relieved when other people eat up the chips so that I can't. It makes me happy to see that bags of chips have been eaten. I want them gone! They're not tremendously nutritious (though I guess they do have some potassium) and I don't want to have them around to tempt me...and yet I don't want other people to jeopardize their own health, either! So when I see that people have eaten all the chips and I feel happy about it, I also feel guilty because I don't want anyone to eat chips every day! But my mind is saying things like "better them than me" and "it's none of my business what others eat" and "they're adults, they are capable of being responsible for their own health."

I could theoretically just gradually throw the bags of chips away, but I also really hate wasting food. We waste enough in this country as it is; I don't like the idea of throwing out perfectly edible food just because it isn't up to MY standards. A starving homeless person could really use some chips, for instance. Not that I can feasibly carry around bags of leftover chips just in case I run into someone who asks for food, but you know. It's the "there are kids starving in Africa who be grateful to have that meatloaf" mentality combined with a general eco-mindset that includes throwing away only what cannot be used or disposed of another way.

So anyways. That leaves me with being a secret/silent food-pusher in my heart of hearts, I guess. I mean, I don't actually encourage anyone to eat the chips, but I sure do like it when they do.

Secret apologies to my coworkers, then! I hope you take care of yourselves in your nutritional choices otherwise!
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  • FISHER011
    Good for you! emoticon
    2111 days ago
    I feel ya! Chips are also my weakness, and I also hate the idea of throwing them away or wasting any food, although I just remembered that I DID actually THROW AWAY at least half a bag of chips a couple of weeks ago...I was afraid that I was going to binge on them, so I figure, about $1.00 down the garbage chute!
    2113 days ago
    When i was pregnant my weakness was peanut butter covered in vanilla icing. LOL i had a huge problem. Major props for being able to fight the urge, cause i sure didn't and now almost 2 years later i am still working it off! I feel the same way when someone brings junk food to my office, I will actually tell my coworkers to eat it!!! lol!! But I don't feel that bad about it :)
    2113 days ago
    I think you are doing well in a situation where you don't have the say in what food is where. If you were at home it would be easy to trash them, but at work its hard when it's "community food" calling to you. I know the feeling well!! we have donuts, cookies, and food GALORE at my work all the time! I can sympathize with hoping other will eat it. Don't feel bad, totally natural. I try to steer clear of that stuff as much as possible. Out of sight. Out of mind. Good job resisting!
    2113 days ago
    great job in not eating the food, but I know what you meant lol.
    2113 days ago
    I have no advice for you at all and can completely relate!
    2113 days ago
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