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How the blind/visually impaired cook

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have been asked about this several times. I'm taking this cooking class because i was interested on how other blind people cook. One of the helpers was blind.

Our hands are washed a LOT. Because we rely on our other senses. Touch and smell and listen.
The ingredients like Flour and baking powder were all in extra large Ziplock bags. We scoop the cup or spoon in and scrap off with the end of the spoon to level.
We don't use the pyrex glass measuring cup we prefer the dry ingredient measuring cup for everything because 1 size is better than using 2 different sizes which are not really equal.

We do a lot of scraping on the sides of the bowl.

I learned new things. Onion cutting always makes my eyes tear up because of the gasses inside. I learned that if you refrigerate an onnion for 15/20 minutes before hand this will not happen.

I learned a better and safer way to choop onions and bell peppers, etc so i won't end up in ER with missing fingertips.
Pounding a bulb of garlic with the flat of a butcher knife makes it easier to peel and faster.
I can tell how rapid the water is boiling with my fingertips on the stove top metal by how the stove is shaking.
I rely on my sense of smell to determine if the food is done or not and a clean spoon to sample things for tenderness.
I have rubber fairly large braille dots that are self sticking on my oven dial at 325, 230 & 400. Rubber dot is on microwave on the 5 & start button also on my washer and dryer.. On the burner dials i can use it with out the dots I determin the settings using the dial as a clock for instance low is at 6 o'clock, simmer is at 9 o'clock and high heat is 3 o'clock.

In my home We use all plastic dishes because I am the clumbsiest. I break dishes a lot. We do use fine china on special occasions.

Leone loves laying on the carpet just in front of the kitchen blocking my way if i were to leave the kitchen. she likes to watch me cook and watches to see if i drop something on the floor she's the first to pick it up.

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