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Thursday, July 11, 2013

49 Days til I'm here:

Super excited! I've only been out of the country once, when I was 15, to Nogales Mexico (about as anti-touristy of a place as one could find) with a friend who lives just north of the border in Arizona. You didn't even need passports back then. Ha, funny (bad!) story: My friends and I were angels, really, didn't drink, smoke, got good grades, were very innocent. We sneaked across the border one night with a group of our arizona friend's new friends (she moved, we flew to visit her) to go dancing in a club. Drinking age there is 16, and even though we were 15 we did have a drink (seriously, this was my ONLY drink in high school, we were good girls!) and all of a sudden, the music stops, the lights go on, and these men come in, rifles slung over shoulders, some pointed ahead of them, and proceed to search the bathrooms and pat-down a couple patrons. It was terrifying!! and so surreal. And when I think back, OMG, if my daughter did that, I would have a heart attack!!!! It was sooooo out of character for any of us to sneak away (to a foreign country, at that!) and actually have an alcoholic drink. I could just picture THAT phone call too: "Um, mom....I'm in jail.....in Mexico!" We were convinced we would get busted for being underage. Ha, maybe that's why none of us drank in high school after that.

So, that's my big Mexico experience. emoticon

I'm feeling guilty lately like I should be doing the Whole 30 or something because EVERYBODY'S DOING IT. Ugh. I know if I want to get back to my goal weight, it's what I need to do, but I just don't wanna. So for now, I'm not. I've been eating good this week; Paleo for the most though I have had some milk, cheese & yogurt. I don't feel the need to cut out dairy entirely, and I eat very little of it. But darn it, life without cheese is no life at all. emoticon

Anyway, I like to grab a couple tablespoons of dark chocolate chips to keep the chocolate monster at bay, and last night I had Red Mango (frozen yogurt with probiotics and made with Stevia) and there's a part of me feeling like I should feel guilty for both. Like I should wipe out sugar completely for a little while, but I'm just not a happy person when I do. I guess I'm just sitting here weighing the odds. I can cut out the sugar for 30 days and likely drop 5-10 lbs, but do i WANT to????? Is it really worth it in the long run???? I'm not weighing myself anymore (for now) and I feel I'm around 155-158. I know i'm not gaining more cuz my non-forgiving size 8 work pants are fitting OK, a smidge snug, but not as bad as they were when I crept back up to 161-162. (sigh, though I DO also remember when they were falling low, and I could have fit into a 6). I think my body LIKES it here. Big question is: Can my mind accept it as well?

I can really tell I missed a week of Toning/Sentao, cuz boy my legs are feeling it today! emoticon Good to get that reaffirmation that what you're doing IS effective.

I'm going to try to get up for a run tomorrow. Also feeling guilty on the running front; like I should be preparing for my next half. I think I want to do another, but I'm not having much luck convincing my body. Clearly my body and brain need to enter some type of negotiations: "Ok body....here's the deal, you WILL run, and i will accept that you are not going to lose more weight" emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved your teen story. I was a lot like you and my experiments with doing something different usually ended up the same way. Scarping by on the skin of my teeth and barely keeping out of the cross hairs.

    This trip to Mexico will be different. LOL.

    I feel the same way about cheese.

    1737 days ago
    I'm nowhere near the place you are in terms of running, but maybe someday I might be able to do a half with you! And what a crazy story about your trip to Mexico! I live in a box, because I've never done anything wild and crazy like that. :)
    1742 days ago
    You are so right! Life without cheese and dairy is no life at all!
    emoticon emoticon
    1743 days ago
    LOL! Your Mexico story was hilarious. I hope you enjoy your time there, it looks amazing!
    1744 days ago
    I would love to do a Sentao class with you! I took the training, but found it to be a little too 'out of my comfort zone' so that's as far as I went with it!

    How long have you been teaching that format?
    Which do you like better: Sentao or Toning???

    I think for this vacation, if you REALLY want to feel tight and trim, you will HAVE to sacrifice some things, yes, maybe even cheese!
    But... like you said "Is it worth it?" If you are asking that, the answer is probably "NO". Then you also need to tell your brain, stop hounding on the weight loss!

    Be happy as you are! I bet you look fantastic, Darling!!!

    Keep rocking the Zumba Classes! Woot Woot!
    (So, you won't be at Convention?)
    1744 days ago
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