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I have no Blog Title today!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In fact, I have no set number of things I wanted to blab about, either. I just realized it's been a little longer than usual since my last blog, and it was time to write another.

So, here's what's been going on:

I'm not doing so hot with food. I've been going out of ranges like crazy. My comfort is that I've been keeping it under maintenance level. Even though things have been crazy, it's been under 1900.


Even after 3 awesome 1500-1600 days in a row, the scale inexplicably jumped up like 3 lbs and has stayed there for days now. This hasn't ever happened before, and I'm a little confused. I even checked under the scale for a mouse! I was losing a little bit consistently every day, even with my calories being all over the place, so for me to go from 171.2 to 173.xx overnight and STAY there is really mystifying to me. and frustrating. I'm going to have to buckle down and try harder to keep my food lower and see if that gets it moving. It should have been moving all this time anyway, but it's really strange.

It's funny how little things like this can get to you, though. I woke up this morning and wanted to throw my hands in the air and quit. After three days of being, well.. not even 3 lbs heavier, really. More like 2.5 That's not that big of a deal! I think what got to me is it was something I wasn't anticipating. I can anticipate the scale going up after I eat pizza. I can anticipate the scale going up when I decide to eat ramen that day. The jump I had a few days ago was totally unprovoked!!

So, my big battle right now is to try not to let it get to me, and to keep on going. After that, I can fight the smaller battles of trying to get my food in ranges for longer than that one good week I had. :(

I know you guys are probably curious, so here's how my birthday went:

Nobody visited and I didn't get to go anywhere or do anything :P The end :P

Well, not really.

It's true that nobody visited, I didn't go anywhere, etcetc, but I did a few things. I worked on folding laundry, and I did some dishes. I knew I wasn't getting any gifts, so my gift to myself was a rest day. I should have given myself the gift of fitness and worked my fat ass, but hindsight, right? Anyway, I played warcraft in the first time in like 4 months and got some chores done. I received some texts in the morning wishing me a happy birthday, and a card from my mother in law. My grandmother sent an e-card, too...not to mention all the well-wishes from you awesome people on Spark, too! In the evening, all the moms tried to call at once. I talked to Mom3 until Mom1 called on my cel phone. Then, I hung up with Mom3, answered my cel, and started talking to Mom1. WHILE I was saying hello to Mom1, the house phone started ringing again, and it was Mom2! I felt very loved and popular for the first time all day. XD

As far as food went.. I had a protein shake in the morning, even though I wasn't planning on working out. I had a coffee, too, which put me into turbo mode all morning. I started to crash around 1pm and I felt shakey and nauseous. That's about when I remembered that I hadn't really eaten anything for lunch. :X So, I had my leftover riblets and the last of the 4th of July potato salad. It was great. I then made myself a SMORE with the last of that stuff. Calorie count up until then was looking good! I didn't snack at all in the afternoon. Lately I haven't been doing that. It's been weird. Pretty much since weight mysteriously spiked up, I haven't felt like snacking between meals, but meals have been a little too large, or I've had dessert. Might be something there...


The Husband came home with roses and a small box of Godiva truffles. He knew I wouldn't want the large box, and found these dessert truffles that came in cake flavors, so I can say I still got birthday cake, right? We didn't have any that night, because we were kind of stuffed after ordering pizza :X Whoops. I had two pieces and some cheese sticks.

STILL! I weighed my riblets and everything, and the food tracker says I ended the day at 1681. It seems pretty awesome for all the random stuff I ate! And the next day, my 173.xx turned into a 172.xx and things seemed better. Then it jumped back up again today and I wanted to throw something :/ I mean, I feel like I've been doing really well with portion sizes for the most part! Desserts have been killing me, but still :( I had a day over 2k on the 4th, but I totally lost numbers after that. My food tracker totals say I should have lost like 1.5 lbs this month, and its' been jumping all over the place, so who knows?

What else..hmmm...

I dunno. My head is all messed up and in a bad place from the scale today, and I keep thinking, "What is the magical thing I haven't been doing that makes me succeed normally??" and I'm drawing a blank. I may not be drinking enough water. I havent' been paying attention to it lately. I had a rest day on Sun, then skipped Tues, so maybe it's a missed workout. All I know is that it's hard to add things and change things when I can't get the basics where I want them for more than a week at a time. I'm not giving up, but my grumpy stubborn side today certainly wants to!

I'm sure things will look better after a workout. I think the tough part today will be getting motivated enough to do it.

Old workout partner and I have met up twice in the past week or so for sewing nights. It's been nice. I'm making slow progress on my Hikaru costume. I almost have the jacket to a point where I can finish it. I need to finish trimming the lining around the collar so the jacket lays properly under the collar. The collar is a hot mess, and I need to do SOMETHING to it to get it to lay properly. The two options are: Remake it completely... -..- OR, just put a dart in it somewhere to take in a little bit of fabric. I don't like either options. #1 will look best, but is a whole lot of work. #2 is less work, but won't look as nice. Either way, all the man hours I put into CAREFULLY seating this dumb thing in a shirt pattern that had no room for a collar is pretty much all for nothing. I'm angry at it, and not touching it for the time being. Maybe I'll work on finishing the jacket. I can't hem the bottom until last, though, because it needs to be a certain length when the skirt& shirt are on. I CAN finish the front/neck, though. And when I get down to Jo Ann's again, I can buy some more bias tape and make the jacket cuffs.

So yeah, that's not really going my way right now. Neither is my weight loss! So, since those are really the two thing I do with my time, it's easy to feel like nothing is going my way.

The Husband threw his back out this morning while bending over to put on his socks, of all things. I woke up to yelps of pain and a lot of labored breathing. I feel bad for him, but I don't think there's anything I can to to make it better. :( Also, he's got to stand on his feet at work all day, so it's pretty much going to be miserable unless the let him off early.

Right now, there's nothing coming up that I'm particularly looking forward to, so I'm trying to stay busy with the sewing and keep a positive attitude. Right this minute, I'm hungry, and thinking about grabbing my morning shake. I also need to go to the grocery store sometime soon, but I don't have the car today. That's about it for me today!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well I feel pretty terrible for commenting on the birthday thing so late - but Happy Birthday! I hope it was good, albeit uneventful.

    And I - once again - am totally in the same boat with you on food. I think you're right about not letting it get to you, though. This journey isn't about being absolutely perfect to the goals you made. There are phases and whatnot, and even if the scale is being weird, I'm sure there's benefits that will reveal themselves in time. Maybe your innards are enjoying the plump variety of the food and whatnot - at least you're not going outrageously over your maintenance, right? I think it's good that you're still tracking and exercising alone!

    And as for visitors - I wouldn't mind being one! My next weekend is devoted solely passing my certification test, but anytime after the 18th is good for me, and I have a three day the first weekend in August. Haha I can even research friendly late-birthday cake options. Or attempt to help at sewing.

    Even though it might not seem like it, I think you're still doing great! Keep up the good little habits that I fail so badly at. :P
    1779 days ago
    Looks like my birthday will be spent working all fricking day because we're super busy right now and I decided I can't take time off. I hate when the scale does that and it can take forever to get it back down. But keep it.
    1779 days ago
    Water could be one of those things...sodium could be another...and not to be gross...but have you been...going...regularly? All of these could make a difference! emoticon I'm sorry you didn't do anything on your birthday. If you lived closer we could have gone for a hike together!
    1779 days ago
    Have you been drinking your water? The big scale jumps overnight for me are usually water retention for me. It can take me 5 days to a week to get it back down. Also check your salt intake, I know with pizza, mine spikes and I become a bucket.

    The great thing about summer is WATERMELON! It's so much easier for me to eat water than drink it. The excess I need to flush the system is annoying.

    I'm working on my birthday and I will be having a pretty full day, so no sneaking out at lunch. emoticon

    Just keep plugging through, never give up and all that jazz! When things are down or not down it's the worst!
    1779 days ago
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