Mammorgram results good!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy day today with Doctor appointments. First did my mammogram for a 6 month checkup. Got the results right away, and no changes, the calcium they are seeing is considered normal for my past cancer surgery. Yeah! Will see the oncologist in a few weeks and then go back in 6 months for another mammogram.

Picked up my mom after and we had breakfast at Perkins. then did a few errands and went for my Mom's eye doctor appointment. She got a new prescription for her bifocal part of her glasses so we got new lenses ordered for her. Hopefully that will make reading easier for her. At least her macro degeneration is stable for now.

Did a few things t my mom's house to help her out and then headed for home. Jim and i headed back to the radio shop and the owner had checked over the equipment we wanted to trade. Jim was able to get a desk microphone for his rig and the cords he needed. He should be pretty well set now (I hope). He is still studying for his Extra test for Ham radio this weekend. If he passes he will be be at the highest license level you can get for Ham radio. I am still studying for the Technician level license. Having never had electronics in school it is slow going for me.

Had a nice walk, stopped at a friends and checked out her bunnies. She raises mini Lops and a small rabbit breed Dutch something- I forgot the exact name. Home and watching Schrek 2 and off to bed.
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