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Taking Inspiration from Anywhere I Can Get It!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does anyone else enjoy watching Chris Powell's Extreme Weight Loss show? I usually DVR it and watch it later in the week, as most evenings we watch Kansas City Royal's Baseball, which hubby loves. (So far this week, they haVe won both their games versus the powerful New York yankees!! There is JOY in Mudville!)

This afternoon, I watched Jami's journey from 292 lbs. to 162 lbs. on this week's Extreme Weight Loss. Her feelings of worthlessness mirrored my own. I'm sure it was doubly difficult for her, as she felt unwanted by her birth mother and evidently was not very close to her adoptive mom.

Chris's methods are extreme and these people probably lose weight too quickly in that one year he works with him, but hopefully they are learning life-long habits that will help them maintain the loss, which is the real battle, as we all know. I Facebook 'friended' several people who have been on the show, including Jacqui McCoy, who was on last year and was selected to help with the show this season. She is beautiful and is doing a great job of maintaining her weight loss. I hope she achieves her dream of having a baby someday soon.

As I have often said, I am willing to take inspiration from any source. I read many blogs from people who have successfully lost, as well as those who are still in the process of trying to reach a goal weigh. They all inspire me! Sean Anderson, a radio DJ from Oklahoma wrote a great book about his journey from 505 to 195, and has a great blog he kept more regularly when he originally lost his weight. http://www.losingweighteveryda He often posts on Facebook, and today I won a CD version of his book, as well as a leather bracelet engraved with the words "I'm Choosing Change," for guessing what movie inspired the picture on the cover of his book. The answer was "Back to the Future." He said, "In the movie, an indicator of Marty McFly's changed future was an old fading photo." It's always fun to win!

I know Sean has regained a small percentage of weight and is working hard at losing it again. I can relate!

I also subscribe to Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien's newsletter. She has a TV show as well and always has lots of great tips. Joy Bauer from the Today Show, also has a great website and good suggestions to help in weight loss and control. Even Rachel Ray has a lot of good weight loss suggestions and dedicates some of her shows to that topic, although a lot of her recipes are really not figure-friendly. I am watching last Friday's show right now. She has Dr. Michael Mosley on right now, he is the author of The Fast Diet, the newest fad diet, which involves fasting (500 calories) 2 days per week and eating reasonably the rest of the week. Not sure I could try that or would want to, but supposedly it makes you lose weight FAST. Alison Sweeney from Biggest Loser is on next and she usually provides good inspiration as well. I ay not endorse the methods they use on these TV weight loss shows, I know a lot of it is staged for TV, but they do provide inspiration.

When I lost weight back in 1979/80, I tried Weight Watcher's at the end of my journey. I have been in Weight Watcher's a couple of times over the years and never hit a goal weight, but I don't blame that marvelous organization for my lack of success. I love their magazine, and I remember my sister-in-law subscribed back in 1980 and gave me a lot of old issues. I would read them over and over again, and they helped keep me inspired.

I think the Internet is integral in my success this time. All I have to do now to get inspired is find one of those many blogs I love to read, from 300 Pounds Down, to Success Along the Weight, to Runs for Cookies. There are literally thousands of people blogging out there about their weight loss successes, struggles and failures and I find every single one of them inspirational. Of course my favorite website, is the BEST! So many of us are here supporting each other and providing motivation, support and LOVE. I have appreciated so much over these last months all the support I've gotten from Spark friends as I deal with my husband's devastating terminal cancer diagnosis. I worry that as we face his illness, I may lose my way. I know stress can do that. I also know I can come to Spark anytime of the day or night and get RE-motivated. I know staying motivated and inspired is essential to long-term weight-loss maintenance. It might be the most important factor, for me, at least.

So good!
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    Have you read constructing a new rick on Facebook? He's amazing! Check him out!
    1748 days ago
    I started watching the show the other night but got called away to other things. I should have recorded it. Maybe next time.
    1748 days ago
    I started watching the show the other night but got called away to other things. I should have recorded it. Maybe next time.
    1748 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    Even though I know the weight loss I see on The Biggest Loser or Extreme weight Loss is probably too fast and few could stick to it I find great inspiration in them. I usually learn something about myself from watching them.

    1749 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I loved that episode with Jami-Amazing. Had me reaching for the hankies! Amber lent me his book, so I'm going to start reading on my vacation.
    1749 days ago
    I watched last night's episode also. I liked how he brought in about losing sensibly by eating enough calories with the exercising and not starving yourself. I know when I first started to lose weight I made the mistake of reducing my calories down to 600 a day which was a huge mistake. From a variety of sources we are able to learn some good tips. We are lucky to have internet resources available to us today. I'm just lucky enough to have a daughter who is a dietetics student who is helping me along now.
    1749 days ago
    I watch Extreme Weight Loss, and it is a great show as a lot of others. The only things is is that we can't all get that kind of (special) help. And I recently heard someone say, You can ask what someone did to loss all of there weight, but just because it worked for them doesn't mean it will work for you. So I guess you should just find what works the best for you, and stick to it! Thanks for a great blog, and I hadn't heard of this (audio) book I will have to look for it emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1749 days ago
    Motivation and inspiration from WHEREVER it can come from- that is important to me, too!
    1749 days ago
    1749 days ago
  • AMBER281
    The Extreme Weightloss by Chris Powell is truly inspiring. It inspired me so much that I purchased his book "Choose more to lose more for life" and start my own life transformation.
    1749 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

    The Fast Diet has my attention. It might be the plan that gets me of this seemingly endless plateau. I'm such a little person, that I need to go below 1000 calories a day to lose. For me, one cookie is a binge!

    Truly, I can't face the rest of my life at 1000 calories a day. But I can fast for a day at a time...I just finished my second day this week. Then I can eat a normal 1200 to 1500 calories the rest of the time, and keep my weight under control.

    I just got home from a visit with my son and family in Omaha. They have been concentrating on fitness this past year. My DIL lost 67 lbs. on the Fast Diet. My son has been following the Updaydownday Diet. On that plan, you fast every second day. He has lost 120 lbs. Both of them are becoming runners, along with their three children.

    One interesting thing about the intermittant fasting is that it tends to bring your blood sugar, cholesterol and fat-hoarding hormones down without causing the starvation mode to begin. I hope it works for me as well as it has for them.

    1749 days ago
    Spark people is great at the same time one can be an inspiration to others and receive inspiration.

    I think of you a lot because you were one of my first spark friends and gave me my first goodie from a friend- two teddy bears will always have a special place in my heart.

    Keep cheering along with your hubby- so much more fun to do it with someone!

    1749 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    I think the internet has done wonders in giving us the ability to find information as well as support. That just wasn't available in years past. Keep up the good work.
    1749 days ago
    I totally agree with you. Love Chris Powell's show...I DVRed the one last night and have not gotten to watch it yet. I also subscribe to the Hungry Girl newsletter and got some great ideas from that and her show that I never would have thought of myself. Also, early in this weight loss journey, probably the first month, I saw Katie's (Run for Cookie's) video here and was SUPER inspired by that, and have followed her blog since. AND then, of course, there is YOU...pretty inspiring yourself!
    1749 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    You mention a lot of sites here that will help others with their motivation -- good of you to bring them to our attention. Thank you!
    1749 days ago
    So glad that you are on Spark because you provide inspiration for ME! Thank you for all you are doing and for sharing your thoughts again today!
    1749 days ago
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