Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why why why why why do I weigh the same as I did pre-baby BUT have a body that's so not mine? I know all the clinical/medical/etc. reasons, I'm just so good at denial. For all the musculature I can feel in my abdomen, there's so much more flab I need those muscles to suck in! And I seem to have developed bigger shoulders...could hauling a baby around be responsible for that, maybe? But it makes my otherwise fine shirts about 2 inches higher than before. I suppose I should embrace my inner Amazon, but I can't afford this weight loss business! My pants fall off if they don't give me a "muffin top" (grotesque phrase, but it is what it is!), my shirts are belly shirts, I have to move soon and I don't want to accumulate more stuff and FOR SURE I don't want to pay for it.

I truly am happy with myself. I know that if I had clothes that complemented my current figure, there would be no reason for my wallowing in...um, whatever I'm wallowing in. Don't even know what my current figure is, however, and I had a tried-and-true system for what complemented the figure of yesteryear. Change, dreaded change! I'm going to have to go back to dressingroom experimentation, which is SUCH a waste of time. I'm not even sure what size I am anymore! It truly is amazing how I can ramble on about the clothes on my back, when, should my actual back be more toned and healthy, I note it as a casual aside, 5 words or less...really, where are my priorities!?!?! I know a blog is not necessarily a place to be a whiney butt, BUT I've gotten it out of my system and can now move on to re-addressing my closet in a much more sane frame of mind.
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    You could be me and have such gigantic hips that nothing fits you properly in the waist EVER. ;) hahahaha.

    Just dropping in to say hi!
    4362 days ago
    I agree - it's the perfect place to whine. And everybody's body changes over time. Having kids just adds even more. After you move and save up a bit, a little shopping trip to make you feel more comfortable in the clothes on your back might be in order. You may only be able to get one outfit, but even if it's some Wal-Mart jeans and a simple top, at least you'd have one outfit you could feel really cute in. It's a start!
    4362 days ago
  • FIREFOX0119
    Hey your blog is exactly a spot to whine! :) Where else can you say whatever you want to without worrying about repercussions?! In all seriousness, it feels so good to just explode sometimes doesn't it? Just make sure after you're finished you take a step back and look at those priorities, like you mentioned, and realize that the best/easiest/safest place to go to is the basics. Sleep, water, making the best decisions that you can. You can do it! :)
    4374 days ago
    Forget about your pre-baby body. It's gone, possibly forever. Embrace the body you have now because that's the body that gave you your beautiful baby. Just a note - I grew a shoe size with each of my babies. Thank goodness I stopped at 2 children or I'd be shopping in the clown shoe store.
    4375 days ago
    Hey. I wish I could trade personalities with you for a few days. So you could go out and buy new shirts and not feel like it was such an imposition upon you! I love to shop and I love to try on clothes (what kind of weirdo am I??). I wish I could pass that enthusiasm on to you. You should maybe get rid of the shirts that don't fit you anymore and just bite the bullet -- get out there and buy some that fit!!!!! I insist!!!
    4375 days ago
    I love the muffin top analogy. I have never pictured it that way, but I feel your pain. My pants have been falling down all day because I refuse to wear tighter pants that my fat spare tire hangs over. Now the only time I have to deal with it is when I sit down. Well best of luck with the closet issues. I went shopping at the thrift store today. I cant afford to buy clothes for every size I am going to be on this journey and I found some very cute linen pants that fit great and a few other items, capris and such. All for like $3.50......... so maybe that could be an alternative if you have one available. As for accumulating more stuff, well I cant help you there.

    Best of luck
    4375 days ago
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