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Summer Fancy-ness

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh my goodness...I feel like I haven't been on here in forever....It's been a while. I've had a lot going on over the last month and a half-2 months. So...this blog might be a little long as I am kind of catching up with what has been going on....but I will try to keep it at least somewhat concise and short-ish.

End of the school year was really stressful- I think everyone- my students, my paraprofessionals, and myself were all just done the last week of school! I actually flew to Virginia to see my birth-mom and brother and sister (they are 1/2 siblings) for almost a week at the end of the school year. I was supposed to go to South Carolina that week with FC, but since he went crazy on me and I broke up with him Mid-May (May 12/13 to be more exact haha) I decided that I would use the money I was going to spend on a plane ticket to SC, to go to Virginia to see my birth-mom and brother and sister. My sister graduated from HS that week (I missed seeing her graduate, but got to be there the day after). I spent time with my grandparents and also got to meet my Uncle which was pretty cool.

While I was in Virginia, my parents were helping me look for an apartment. My lease was up June 30 and I had been looking since the end of April/beginning of May for a place and just was NOT finding what I wanted....They ended up finding a great apartment...double what I was paying in rent at my last place....and in the wrong town/city....LOL but after looking at some other places when I got back it was the only place that I really liked versus "yeah...it could work I guess". So, I filled out the application, was approved....and moved June 22....I had about a week to pack everything. Luckily my mom was a huge help and came over a few times to help me get things packed. I've been in the new place 2 1/2 weeks now, and its starting to feel more like home. I have a lot more space than my last apartment (I have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a dining area, a kitchen and a living room versus the one big box that included a bathroom, kitchen, my office space (which was basically just a designated corner in said box), and a bedroom without a door LOL).

I haven't slept here much though....I've been staying at DW's a lot.... He's stayed here a few nights which is fine. He just has to work his normal schedule where as I don't tutor until noon (10a on Tuesdays) all week so it makes sense for me to be there and not here if I am going to stay over. He gets up for work while I sleep another hour or so HAHA. I do like that it has helped me stick with somewhat of a "normal" sleep schedule though. I'm going to bed around 9 and waking up by 6. When I start the school year (July 31 is when I have to report for Professional Development and all the beginning of the school year stuff...and the students start August 6th I believe) I'll be getting up by 5:30 at the latest, so I won't have to go from staying up until whenever I feel like it and sleeping in until 10a to waking up around 5-ish. I'm looking forward to the school year starting again- I miss my students a lot (the benefit of having a self-contained special education classroom is that I have a lot of the same students again). I also miss my structure. Sure, I might be busy, but I find that its SOOOO much easier for me to stay on track and hold myself accountable when I have more structure. I've had a really hard time eating when I should over break. I haven't really been eating breakfast on a consistent basis, haven't been drinking my plexus like I was.... I haven't really gone up on the scale (ok, maybe I've gone up 3-4 lbs, but its been fluctuating up and (well...kind of down).... and have just kind of held steady.... I keep telling myself I need to just get back into the habit of making myself a more structured schedule and I need to MAKE myself just go workout/swim laps at 24 Hour Fitness (I always have time in the mornings before I go tutor so I really have no excuse), but to be honest, I've just been LAZY.... LAZY LAZY LAZY. I haven't been making horrendously horrible food choices, but they could be better.... I'm also trying to get used to my new budget...with so much more money going toward my rent now, I'm really going to have to watch my spending. Luckily I make dinner with DW a lot and we try to make some pretty healthy meals. I made some really good spinach, feta and sun-dried tomato stuffed pork chops on the grill last week and they came out really well. I am planning on getting back into the habit of making my mason jar salads for work which should also help a little when it comes to getting more veggies in to my day.

DW and I are doing REALLY well. He's really stepped up and I don't know if he's putting more of a conscious effort into things, or if it was just the 2 1/2 months that we weren't seeing each other that helped, but he's been SO much more involved. He acts like he cares about me more and is just a lot more affectionate. He was kind and affectionate and sweet before- its not like he was ever a jerk- but its just....different now- better different. He even sent me a text last week when he was saying good night (one of the few nights I didn't sleep at his place haha) and said "I just wanted to say that you're very special to me and I am blessed to have you in my life...goodnight". It meant a lot to have him say that and its also nice to SEE It and FEEL it when I'm around him/when I talk to him. Whenever he or I have a problem/bad day/even something exciting happen, we seem to go to each other first to tell each other about it. He's also going to start helping me work on my upper body strength. He got a weight set from work that they were just going to get rid of and said that he would help me work on that if I wanted- which is awesome. That's one thing that I can't speak enough about- DW's always been really supportive of my goals and trying to get healthier and work on "me".

I've been tutoring all summer which is going well. I'm tutoring twin girls who are going into 6th grade and another girl who is going into 8th grade. I've been tutoring them for a while (I had been working with them this last school year). Every Friday we go on some kind of field trip or outing which has been a lot of fun. They're all really sweet and make it almost seem like I'm not even working.

Basically that's the jist of what's been going on.... I haven't really been staying on track with my eating (although haven't totally jumped off the wagon, just got internet again yesterday, and have been tutoring, spending time with DW and hanging out with my friend Meaghan when she's not with her BF (or her BF is with us when we hang out LOL). I'm going to really try to focus getting back on track and develop some kind of plan for the rest of the summer (which isn't a lot of time, but its enough time to develop something).

I do miss my Spark family and hope you are all doing well!!!

Until Next Time emoticon
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  • TREV1964
    Nice blog - looks like you have been busy in your summer vacation - ours over here have just begun - we don;t return back until early September.


    1763 days ago
    so happy to hear things are going so well with DW and that he's good to you! you totally deserve that! You go back to early!!! JULY?! crazy--- it'll be nice to have the routine back though---totally get that!
    1768 days ago
  • KATIAT325
    Thank you for updating us! I'm really glad to hear that things are getting better for you. You'll get back into the workout/eating healthy/keeping track routine soon enough, for now, just enjoy your time and keep being happy.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago
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