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July 10 - K.I.S.S.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So as I try to slog my way through more crap at work than I need, it occurs to me that once again I have missed a day in my daily blogging goal. Ironic, I think, that the calendar for the day I missed, the 9th day, advised us to "keep a journal." I view this daily blog as my journal, and I am a firm believer that expressing one's feelings is a healthy exercise. But I must admit to being somewhat conflicted about whether keeping a journal really allows us to express it and let it go. Because we aren't really letting it go, we are recording it and keeping it for posterity. And we can relive it as many times as we re-read it. Or at least that's what happens to me. A while ago I pondered, I believe in an old blog, whether it is better to write it and throw it away or write it and keep it. I am, at heart, a keeper. I am a historian of sorts, and believe that all things written should be kept for posterity. But I don't necessarily think that is what is the healthiest thing for us. I don't have a solution to this obvious conundrum, but I do think it is an interesting topic to explore. What do you think?

As for Spark's advice to us today, it boils down to a saying I first learned from my first year accounting teacher: K.I.S.S. or, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Here's what Spark says:

Don't multitask. With a lot to do in a little time, you might think it's efficient to multitask. Talk about stressful! He who chases two rabbits catches neither. Focus on one thing at a time for a better outcome.

Now this, I completely agree with. When I was younger, and my mind much more nimble, I could successfully multitask many tasks at once. But the older I get, the more easily I get overwhelmed when there is too much to do. So I have learned that really, I work better when I start and then finish one task at a time. It's funny, I figured this out by watching my mother. She starts one thing, then gets distracted and moves to another, and sometimes even another. The result? Nothing gets finished. Which is why I find it so interesting that her advice to me when I talk about how much I have to do, especially when I am home trying to clean my house after a couple of weeks of neglect (something very common when you are a hockey family, when entire weekends are spent, it seems, in hockey rinks), is to pick one room and do it start to finish, and then move to the next one. So if only she took her own advice, but I suppose that relates to every single one of us. Why are we always so much better at solving other people's problems?

Anyway, I think Spark is leading us down the right road today. So remember: K.I.S.S. emoticon
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    Great blog Tina!
    2703 days ago
    Your mother may have distraction disorders, but related how it is to be done, though she wrestles with it daily.

    I agree, I am better off today, than yesterday(s) ago, when I tried to keep the world's cares juggling - one hand tied behind my back - blindfolded. Today, it is much better to focus on one bad habit at a time, but some disorders are a lifetime maintenance that have to constantly be monitored or 'tweaked' to adjust to a particular environment or specific situation.

    Sooo... while we may choose to tackle a bad habit, then list the steps to fill our arsenals (for when the excuses and distractions and sabotage or ambushes come) we're also maintaining other fortifications we've set in place, to keep (how ever many) other bad habits (we've got in check) from returning and invading. Then, hopefully, we adopted or created good habits, which can also suffer resistance from our inner child tantrums. LOL!!

    I do agree - we can keep it simple, but there's steps to 'do' and we have to 'mind' the steps, or we set ourselves up for failure after failure. The steps are easy to remember, easy to begin - not easy to do all by ourselves when it gets right down to 'doing' 'em... but... by hangin' on and using the tactics and applying the strategies for inevitable attacks... we can WIN. But... we don't just keep the victory without practicing the maintenance.
    2703 days ago
    Love it! Have a great day Tina!!
    2703 days ago
    I used to multi task pretty well but since cancer and open heart surgery I can do one thing at a time
    2703 days ago
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