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Fight for Fitness

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So, my new gym does this recurring 10 week fitness program called Fight for Fitness. The new session starts on Monday, and I've been excited about it ever since I saw the flyer a few weeks ago. Basically, for $200, I get 30 hours of personal training [two 1.5 hour sessions a week], plus there are weekly challenges [both fitness and nutrition based], a nutrition seminar, and dietary guidelines catered specifically to me [SparkPeople is great but when it comes down to it, they *are* just estimating my calorie needs]. I have to keep a food log for the first two weeks and then they'll tell me if I need to work on anything. Also, you know, it'll be somebody to help me if I hit a rut, and motivation to keep going through the entire program. And prizes! Prizes for the weekly challenges, and for whoever loses the most body fat by the end of the program.

I went yesterday to the "informational meeting" and was the only one there, but the trainer said not to worry, there are about 15 people already signed up, they've just done it before so they didn't have to go to the meeting. Which... oh yay, I'm the only new person? That's intimidating! On the other hand, it puts me in a really good position for the body fat prize. I don't have that much body fat to lose, I think, but if others have been doing it for previous sessions then their bodies are already used to the exercises [a little] and thus will change less rapidly. So, we'll see. I'm not really concerned about the prizes, anyway. I just want the personal training! emoticon

I already knew that I wanted to do it, so I signed up then and there and she took my measurements [I'm curious to see if I've been measuring myself incorrectly all this time...] and body fat with the skin callipers [which I'd never had done before]. She said she'd be emailing me those numbers in a few days. And then, I have to pay the first $100 by Monday so I'll do that on Friday when I get paid. The other half doesn't have to be paid until August 12th but I've been saving for this [*gasp* actually saving money? I know!] so I'll probably pay it the next week. I actually could pay it all by Monday but I want to make sure I have some money set aside just in case. [Look, I'm trying to be a responsible adult!]

But yes, I'm very excited! So I'll be working out with the personal trainer Monday and Thursday evenings, and I'm supposed to do 3 cardio sessions on my own the rest of the week [which isn't a problem at all]. I probably have to stop attending my Monday morning strength training class, since I'll be doing strength training in the evening, but I'll double check that. It would be sad, because I really like the class, but the instructor for the class is one of the personal trainers in the program [although not the ones I'm signed up with] so I'm sure he'd understand.

Well, it's time to get to bed so I can wake up early and get to the gym to swim before my aquafit class! [Which I'm really enjoying, by the way.] Joining this gym was a great decision! emoticon
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