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Dis mah plan!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Okay!!! So this weekend/4 day 4th of July vacation did not go as healthy as expected. Really at all. I was definitely sidetracked. Good things though: I did not get fast food (keeping my streak to like 4 weeks) I had a blast, a few times I said no or passed on things I wanted and could have had, but chose not to.

Last week I weighed in at 204.4. So a bit up from my 199.7 that happened in Mid May. Then this morning after the weekend I was 207.9. HOWEVER- I am reminding myself that it was before my morning pee, I had a TGIFridays burger and 2 long islands at the Brewer game last night, I got my period this morning AND I am sore from the hips up from an intense upper body workout.

Not excuses, just explinations because I know that about 3lbs of that 207.9 was water weight. And my typical morning pee is 1lb alone. Yeah- I've weighed it a few times- biggest pee was 2.5lbs. My bladder sucks but it can hold a lot while i sleep. Get over it ;)

My new goals have been set. I feel motivated today- so motivated that working out is more important that getting overtime at work- and I can definitely use the money. But throughout the year that I was hardcore I made that sacrifice a lot- AND when I was training for my half marathon. I am saving up for a car so any overtime is very helpful. But after seeing a number above 205 again it makes me mad.

I've been doing strength training 2x a week- basically upper and lower body days. Cardio has been pretty minimal. The weather has been very hot and being outside really sucks. Josh and I are really focused on getting outside and being active. On July 4th he took me Disk Golfing for the first time ever! OMG I friggin LOVE it! Maybe because i'm a hippie...? The course is right near our apartment and it's SO hilly. Like I feel like I definitely burned 6-700 calories in the hour and a half it took us. I can't wait to do it again.

I have been so busy with work and my social life I am ready for a few relaxing nights at home doing whatever I please. I have begun painting, I started another scrapbook, DEXTER started again (!%#$@)&_!!!!!!!!!!) and I have some laundry and cleaning to do. Never ends, right?! And I dont even have a kid.

Josh and I planned out our dinners for the next 2 weeks. I love how we do it because then we have a grocery list and dinner list- if we want something different on a specific night we know we have stuff for it! As for snacking I have been good! Last week I was great until July 4th night. Work temptations are still tough for me, I ate 5 chocolate chip cookies someone brought in yesterday- my logic was that I was going to a Brewer game after work so I was going to be eating a giant burger later anyway. >:( What a tard!! That's the opposite of logic.

I realllllly mean to count everything and write it down or keep it in my fitness pal. Portions portions portions.

Not a lot of things have gotten me excited about losing weight again- I think part of me thinks it's not going to happen, doubtful. Another part of my thinks that if I really try I will kick butt at it, but then if I do that I will make other people look bad. (and really, I just sound like an azzhole for saying that) Right now- I see 190 flashing in my head and I get excited, I want to hit that number so badly!

It will happen by planning. My plans will be to lose 2lbs a week. Getting to 190 will take me to the end of August to hit that. I need to have patience- I need to remember that it's not one little change I make that's going to take those 2lbs away, it's calorie by calorie. Working out is the treat, burning calories is the fun here. Even just going for a 30 minute walk with Josh is going to help, and double bonus if it's after my nightly workout. He walks so slow sometimes it's really not a workout for me at all. But he's getting better and slowing edging out of his 3.0mph comfort zone.

I have begun running on the trails around the college campus/golf course. It's a hilly route and if I go the full distance it's about 4.5 miles. It's tough, and there's no water on the course either. I want to try running it at LEAST once a week. Other forms of cardio can be playing Frisbee with Josh, riding bikes, kettle bells, ARC trainer/treadmills/ellipticals at the gym.

I am doing this. Josh is doing this. We are closer than ever to spending the rest of our lives together- I want us to both look fabulous when that day comes. And have fun with things without feeling limited! There are times where I or him will lose track, we will both drink and go overboard at some point. I will eat chocolate, I will go over my calories or WW points. But ONE HUNDRED NINETY POUNDS. It's gonna take a long time of staying committed to get there. And even more commitment and effort to hit 174lbs.

Hoo RAH!! 190! Summer is the best time to lose weight! It should be anyway with all the sweating going on!
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    DOH, correction I did read it and I commented. Anyway! Congratulations again!
    1808 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/10/2013 2:46:27 PM
    I'm sooooo far behind on blog reading. I missed the freaking momentous occasion! 199!!!! I'm gonna catch up.

    Awesome choice to pre-plan meals, I always talk about doing it but...

    Have a great week!
    1808 days ago
    Awwwwwww yeah! Get it girl!

    Love those "justifcations" like - Oh, I will just do MORE drugs because I took one drug once. NO! But your brain tries! Oh I've already dug myself into this hole, let me just keep digging. Wtf?! Brain!

    The meal planning is SO SMART and it is AWESOME that you guys are out and about together! Exactly HOW much coordination did you need for frisbee golf? It is getting really popular around here but I see myself standing there trying over and over again watching the frisbee just sail past the basket over and over lol. Then I see myself getting really frustrated, throwing the frisbee down, and ordering myself a beer. Yikes.

    Anyways - You got this girly! You are on the right track! Hoo RAH is right!

    1808 days ago
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