So tiiiired...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm still in the swing of things with my comeback. But its hard. I forgot how hard it was to limit calories sometimes. I'm sort of trying to do a double whammy of low carb and reduced calorie to see if that will help, but I'm a fruit-a-vore. And its summer, so there's delicious fruit everywhere.

Basically I'm eating paleo, but not strict. I was aiming to keep my carbs at the 50gram range each day, but my serving of cherries was nearly half that. And so was yesterday's apple *facepalm* So I just need to do more research and planning.

I'm ridiculously tired today too. No caffeine for me since I didn't have any diet soda in my house. I really shouldn't drink the stuff. I don't need it... so maybe that's going bye bye too. I'm nowhere near ketosis as far as I can tell, and i'm not really trying to be, but I have a few of the keto flu symptoms so who knows.

My food related IBS has reared its ugly head. I used to think I was unable to process lettuce and it was one of my trigger foods... then I found out I was lactose intolerant and *duh* it must be the dressing with milk and cheese in it... but now without that dressing, I'm wondering if lettuces are a trigger food for my IBS. Cue grumpy cat. Seriously, I already have to avoid dark green leafy veggies and celery of all things to avoid kidney stones... and I'm avoiding dairy to help with my lactose intolerance... and now my body is telling me that I don't really like digesting lettuce too? Add to that my desire to go low carb, and you can see why I'm kind of insane. I just need to plan more I guess. I used to be really good before with calories, but I wasn't trying low carb then.

C'est la vie. I'll figure it out. But until then I'm grumpy and tired. My coworker asked me if I was sick because I was "quiet today." I'd like to interpret that as "barely functioning and looking like I'm half dead" but it's probably not that bad.

Yesterday I stayed strong and ate under 1400 calories, and that included drinking! *so yea, the booze might be a reason my tummy hates me today. I love seasonal ciders. Ace has a Berry Cider out that is only 175 calories for 12oz! And its delicious. I walked a bit to and from dinner, and to the bar, and to the next bar where we played trivia. It was fun, but I was out late, and couldn't get up today for anything.

I need to go clean Ania's house. She's the friend I've been staying with, and she's away on vacation. She gets back less than two days before her parents come to stay with her for a month -- so she didn't really have a good plan for cleaning. I thought I'd help out and try to do some stuff around the house. She has a giant poodle who is great at dirtying up the carpets, so I brought my steam cleaner and that's the plan for tonight. Steam clean, clean in general, and see how my new swiffer steam mop works. I caved and bought one. It hopefully will work here and at my parents house. With five dogs we're always trying to find a good way to keep the house clean and the hair down to a minimum (which usually just means vaccuming constantly).

So that's the plan. It's 3:30... I can't concentrate, so I think I'm going to go grocery shopping and cleaning and hopefully get to bed early. Might do some abs/leg workouts tonight. I basically broke my obliques this weekend (it felt like) and today I can finally bend without pain. I'm trying not to overtrain like TJ is. He's still doing great. Under his calorie goals for the day (he gets 2500--grumble, grumble) and he worked out on the cardio machines in the gym at his work yesterday for over an hour. So he's doing great. I want to weigh him in on Saturday morning and see just how good he's doing. I know if he sees a big number drop that will definitely help his self-esteem. *cough* and mine too if I see a similar one. I didn't have to fight my jeans as much this morning, so that was a nice change.

Anyway, I'm out. My quick blog just went all rambly...
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    Good luck! Be careful with that low-cal, low-carb, high-train trifecta. You don't want to shock your body into starvation mode. Hope your insides chill out soon. Any word from your interview?
    1776 days ago
    what made you decide to go low carb?
    1776 days ago
    Wow. I am impressed with your willpower to not only go back to restricting calories, but going low carb as well. If I tried to go low carb, I think someone would get hurt. It is impressive that even with allergies and other issues, you don't make any excuses, you just make a gameplan - very inspirational.
    1776 days ago
    Life is about experimentation. Seems you're doing a fine job both trying new things and finding out what works. It's a pain now, but later, you'll be so happy about it.

    Do be careful, though, with low cal diets to make sure you're getting the right nutrient and food group mix -- and make sure to supplement with a multi-vitamin (particularly since you're using a paleo type diet and likely need to get enough of the vitamins and minerals that most of us get from dairy). Good luck!
    1777 days ago
    It's so hard for me to get back on track whenever I've fallen off for a little. Then add in your digestion problems....gesh!!! Great job staying in range!!! Keep it up and good luck with the cleaning!
    1777 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    nothing like cleaning a house to remind you of all your sore muscles. emoticon
    1777 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    I'm sorry your body is being so finicky...doesn't it know how HARD you are trying?! emoticon

    1777 days ago
    Good luck!
    1777 days ago
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