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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

well sometimes on this journey I wonder.... will I ever be what I need to be ...? .... is it possible to change a lifetime of bad habits ? I see others do it but will I be able to ... will it ever click for me ?
This week I started getting sick and on July 4th I drove about 120 miles to my inlaws with the hubby and it rained the whole day. Over 2 inches..... and with every drop of rain my head completely stopped up. My sinuses were killing me and my head felt like it weighed 25 pounds. We had a nice visit and I was glad to see them. We exchanged father's day gift(belated) , my husband's birthday gifts( belated) and my mother in law's birthday gifts ( early) ! I enjoyed seeing them but was pretty miserable by that evening when we got home. I went to the dr the next day and got some prescriptions.

So after nearly a week of NO exercise and eating anything that felt good to my throat I was disappointed in myself for reverting back to old habits and eating any and everything I wanted. Seems like when I feel bad I have no energy to apply toward my diet and reach for whatever is convenient and handy and that I have previously denied myself. I ate terrible and was very disappointed in myself.

HOWEVER the good news is that I did go out to exercise today and it was " STEAMY" hot and very miserable conditions and I WAS HAPPY !! so thrilled to feel my body sweat and to " feel " like I was getting back to the " other " me....... the one who cares what I eat and what I do during the day.... NO more laying around on the couch like a vegetable !! It felt better and more like the " norm " !! How about that ???????? Is this really my new norm ??? I like that ... that maybe just maybe the new me is taking over and becoming the normal feeling one to me !!

I hope you feel like this too and I am smiling and glad to be back !!

Keep on keeping on
Never quit and you don't have to start over
Thinking negatively NEVER gets you positive things in life

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