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House Hunting, Fast Food & Smut!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fast food makes you FAT, and does not make you not fast, it makes you SLOW.

Yesterday was a BUSY day. I biked to work in the morning. As soon as I got to work I had a text from my boyfriend saying that he stapled his finger at work and was at the ER. He basically broke his finger and is in agonizing pain. Thank goodness his work paid him for the day he missed, and will put him on modified duties so he doesn't miss work. They also paid for his meds, which was awesome. Sucks to see him in so much pain.

I also had an email from my landlord as soon as I got to work, saying there had been a noise complaint on Saturday when we had TWO people over to watch the fights, both of whom left at 11pm. Ugh. We are too loud for this condo. This condo is too small for us. She asked me if I wanted to talk about breaking the lease. We had already been looking at bigger places so I said that would be great, and we decided on a date of August 31st as our move out date. She agreed to list the place if I agreed to show it, which I am happy to do. As a single girl with a dog, I LOVED my condo, so I am going to have great things to say about it. However, having two adults and a large dog in a 650 square foot condo with hollow walls just isn't working. So yesterday during work I was house hunting (shh, it's a secret, I was actually working really hard). I found 6 places I really liked, and sent them over to my hunny. We scheduled 3 viewings for last night. The first was a 3 bedroom duplex with a TINY yard and BLUE carpets, not for us. The second was a disgusting DUMP of a house, smelling of pot, smoke, a muddy disgusting yard, and a disgusting OLD kitchen, not for us. The third was a cute old house in a not so great neighborhood, but we LOVED the house, the yard, the garage, the 4 bedrooms split between two levels, the huge kitchen, basically everything. The only problem, they want the deposit now, with a move in date of August 1st. We are looking for September 1st, so that house is a no despite how much we loved it. Tonight we are viewing two more houses and I hope to have better luck. I am also picking up a beautiful FREE love seat on Thursday which will be crammed into our tiny living room for a month, but I figure that we will need it in a bigger space, and it's beautiful and free so we can live with being cramped for a bit.

So, between my boyfriend picking me up at 4:30, our first house showing at 5:20, our second at 6:45 and our last at 7:20, we ate out for dinner. Burger King. I figured hell, after 13 lbs in 3 weeks I deserve a cheat meal. I had a BK King Burger and Medium Fries with a coke zero which came in at about 1,000 calories. No wonder I gained 28 lbs in 6 months, I ate so much Burger King they could have put me on a commercial. Between House #2 and House #3 we got DQ. I had a small smores blizzard of which I threw half our because I was dying from the sweetness, but all in all our dinner choices threw me WAY over my ranges for the day. Totally not worth it. I guess one day isn't so bad, but it does make me realize how I gained so much weight. I used to eat BK Fries almost every day - and nothing but. I was on a fry kick and that's all I wanted to eat. Sometimes twice a day. Gross!!!!!

I just purchased the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and I have flown through the first book. I read for over two hours last night before bed and I am sure I'll have this book finished before the end of the week. Pretty interesting books.... not sure how I feel about it yet. After this I plan to read the Hunger Games trilogy, which I am uber pumped about.

Happy TUESDAY to you everyone, I hope everyone has a fabulous day and the sun keeps shining so I can ride my bike home and take the puppybear for a jog tonight!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Good luck with the house hunt.
    The Ronald McDonald on the treadmill made me laugh. So true!! Love the picture of Gully!! So cute
    1749 days ago
    I am NOT a reader... I read the first book in the "50SOG" series... hated it, so LAME! (And I love the topic, but the character development was terrible! IMHO, a virgin would NOT do what she did willingly!!!)
    LOVE the HUNGER GAMES series... already 2 books in, working on #3! It's really enjoyable and an easy read!

    Good luck house shopping, it can be an exhausting job! But also so very exciting and rewarding!!! Does this mean you and your hunny are moving in together??? So exciting!

    You pooch is just adorable! Love his face!!! emoticon
    1749 days ago
  • BMAN419
    amazing blog
    1749 days ago
    That's the kind of blog I like to see ;)

    I know how you feel about gaining weight so fast. When I packed on 30-40 pounds in a few months, once I started measuring my food and realizing what portions really looked like and how much I actually NEED to eat as opposed to what I WANT to eat, it was a real eye opener and a "no WONDER I gained so much weight" moment!

    Good luck with the house hunt. I hope you find something you really like. As for the house I live in, my boyfriend's house, whatever you want to call it (don't like calling it "our" house) it's a lovely place, almost brand new, but it's the messy state he keeps it in and lack of furniture that bothers me so much. Still looks like we just moved in and it was one year on the 4th of July. I'm sure that you will decorate and make it home though, wherever you live.
    1750 days ago
    Good Luck on your house hunt!! It's so hard finding somewhere that fits you but you have a good amount of time to search for the perfect place. Also don't get too upset over a bad in a while is ok as long as you make it once in a while. Also Somethings I get from BK is a jr whopper or whopper (depending on how many cals i have) without mayo and then a side salad...I'm a burger person so not having fries doesn't kill me. I also have been big on getting Mini Blizzards from cuts the cals in half and is the perfect size! Last night i treated to a Lemon Meraigne without the whip topping and it was only 310 calories. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too. :)
    1750 days ago
    Believe it or not, there are things at BK that are not too bad... they now have a veggie burger and a turkey burger. For me I just have to stay away from the fries entirely. A side salad and iced tea work.
    1750 days ago
    Calorie counting your fast food meals is such a shocker. Even with Wendy's, where I thought I was being good with my Spicy Chicken sandwich and fries, I was actually burying myself with fat and calories. Big bags of chips, large blizzards with extra stuff, second helpings at meal times. I mean seriously, it's a miracle I wasn't 400 pounds (though the scary realization is that I could easily have let myself get there). Now I google fast food places before I go and read up their nutrition charts, looking for the best meal for the least calories. Usually a grill chicken sandwich of some sort comes out on top, and I've started getting small sundaes to satisfy my sweet tooth instead of blizzards (though I've had low cal days where I've been able to splurge on a blizzard still). Love following your progress! :-D
    1750 days ago
  • KDRICH24
    Cute Dog!
    1750 days ago
    Good luck on the house hunt! I know how frazzling it can be. My husband keeps not so secretly hoping our landlord will knock on our door one day and work out a deal to break our lease. PS. LOVED LOVED LOVED hunger games!
    1750 days ago
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