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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yes I am back!!!

So, what was wrong with me? Sadly it was a severe panic attack and I have been diagnosed with stress and anxiety. Fun! The diagnosis depressed me until I realize it wasn't my heart! My heart is perfectly fine which means I can work out again!! emoticon

It took a few days to get my motivation back up but last night I had an amazing workout and feel pretty good today! I still have to watch how much stress I put on my body and myself but I am choosing to look at the positive and see it as me listening more to my body. emoticon

Right now I am taking everything day by day, sticking to my weekly goals, and not beating myself up for the small things but really trying to LIVE! That's what this life is all about right? I know where my stress and anxiety are stemming from and I am working on a way to get me out of that particular situation but until I do I hold onto the fact that the Lord is with me no matter what and will be there with me to help me get past this situation.

My morning workouts have completely stopped and I am having a hard time getting back into them but I know like before one morning it will click and I will be back full force. :)
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    When I read your previous blog, I had to read up on what your self diagnosis was. I read it and said, "Nope, she had a Panic Attack!"

    What made me think that, I am crazy because of a 13 month vacation in the beautiful Southeast Asian country of Viet Nam sometime before you were born.

    I deal with Chronic Depression caused by PTSD, Agoraphobia (if I can't get a table with a wall behind me in a restaurant, I have to leave - I can't stand to have a bunch of people at my back) and Anxiety Disorder.

    Don't worry, be happy! You have just had a life changing event when you married and regardless of how happy that makes you, there are all kinds of different stressor's simply because of the change and even though they are happy changes. Sometimes our bodies just work at cross purposes to what we think they should.

    I'm glad you had only a Panic Attack. At age 33 I had been working out, running and coaching my oldest son's Little League team and had nearly quit smoking. Started having breathing difficulties before one of our games and thought I might be having some sort of asthmatic event (my younger brother has Asthma). It continued to get worse, so I told my Assistant Coach to take care of things because Cherry (my DW of 42 years now) was taking me to the ER. They wheeled me in - no customers in front of me, started asking questions about how much alcohol I usually drank in a weekend, was I taking street drugs, blah, blah, blah.

    My regular family doctor was out of town, so he had asked a friend of his, a Cardiologist, to cover for him. When paged, the Cardiologist had just finished seeing a patient at the hospital I was at and he came down to the emergency room.

    He took one look at me, asked the ER doc's what information they had on me and went ballistic. "This drug and alcohol stuff is ridiculous! Do you see any yellowing of his eyes, and needle tracks in his arms? It's obvious to a first year medical student this man is having a heart attack! Get me .....a whole bunch of stuff.....STAT. Then he had me hooked up to the heart machine and saw the first wave of my heart attack and hollered at one of the ER doc's to get him some morphine, STAT. I guess he didn't move fast enough because Dr. Aiyer prodded him with a threat to report him to the state medical boards and said, "When I say STAT, you better have started 2 seconds ago! Are you deliberately trying to kill this man!"

    I continued to have waves of this knife like pain and he kept giving me morphine until I had reached the max limit. I was still awake and talking, and he changed from morphine to Demoral to try and knock me out. The first dose finally lowered the pain, the second dose eliminated the pain, but I was still awake. He administered another and I finally got comfortable enough to take a short nap. He admitted me to the CCU, but when they started to move me from the gurney to the bed, my wife tells me I decided I was going to have lunch, even if I had to walk there myself.

    My wife told me it took her, two female nurses and a 6'3" male nurse (a former Navy Medic attached to the Marines) to get me in the bed, tied down and get my IV's running. When they turned on the Happy Juice, I went out for three days. I finally woke up when they had downgraded me from critical to serious and shipped me off to the ICU.

    I wound up having a cabbage (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) with 4 arteries bypassed. I definitely wouldn't recommend one of those to a friend - I mean as an elective surgery. If it's needed, don't hesitate!

    Glad to see you are doing better, I suspect I need to keep a closer eye on you.


    Bob, AKA "Pops"
    1729 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1810 days ago
    The Lord is with you...turn the stress over to him, he will stress for you....

    Glad you are back....

    Life is to short....carpe diem...seize the day...

    1810 days ago
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