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Short and Sweet (A Moment of Triumph)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I do not make a secret of the fact that I hate running.

I am starting to hate it less. But it is not something I am innately good at. Lifting, I understand that. I have always been strong. And getting stronger is easy for me. Except for when it comes to my lower back but that is just a whole other thing.

Running is something that takes everything I've got. It is HARD for me. So, naturally, I want to get better at it. I want to beat it. I hate that something can defeat me.

So I'm running more. Training, even.

Today, I went to my local high school's track, was nervous the whole time that I was going to be asked to leave until a lovely grounds maintenance guy reassured me that it was totally okay for me to run there. And then I ran.

For three miles. Which is longer than I've run before without taking any walking breaks.

Disclaimer: I stopped once to take off my shirt. I live in New England. Humidity is a major thing here.

But I ran three miles. And I maintained a sub-ten minute mile the entire time. I am so proud of myself. So incredibly proud.

It's the little victories that count. Or in my case, the BIG ones.
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