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Today was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

And I'm already IN Australia! (You have to read the book if that doesn't make sense.)

So, it started with me going over to the neighborhood medical center to get an appointment for the doctor, just to get lab tests to send to my US doctor, so she will renew my asthma medications through our medical insurance pharmacy - who then sends it to us at a greatly discounted rate. DH also needed a quick medical check for a problem that we hope is minor (he gets sebaceous cysts easily) - so the people gave me appointments for both of us, in half an hour.

I go running in search of DH, who luckily is still at the post office, mailing two items. I tell him we have the appts. He insists on getting coffee and looking for a snack, he's starving. Yes to coffee, ends up without a snack, turns to go, somehow starts to drop the coffee but tries to catch it and somehow boiling hot coffee shoots out all over my face and down my shirt.


Store is nice, gives me napkins and lets me wash off the coffee (luckily shirt and sweater are black) - one nice server gives me some aloe to put on. We hustle back to the medical center and the strap to my Birk breaks. Shoe just falls straight off my foot, so I end up walking with one shoe on and the other off. We go inside and wait. And wait. DH has an energy drink. Manages to drip it on me, don't ask how. Goes in for his appt, ends up talking to the dr forever as I wait and watch bad daytime TV. Finally I go in, explain that I need blood labs done, dr writes it up, wants to chat about movies. MOVIES! I laugh at something he says and start choking, have to run out for some water. Oy!

We go in search of the radiology place because dr wants an ultrasound of DH's cyst since it doesn't look or seem normal, and is in an unusual location (she says delicately). First place is all booked up. They call around, as I run into the bathroom - which, of course, has all of maybe 2 squares of paper for me to use. Come out, we're sent to a neighboring radiology place. DH gets the testing done, waits for pictures, I sit in the van reading because my shoes are either broken or packed away. Finally he comes back, and we go off for lunch. It is now about 3:30 PM.

Lunch was good. Life is looking up. We go in search of the bank that is affiliated with our bank, at a large shopping center. With a shoe repair place. I ride the escalator barefoot (I do not advise this, it hurts) - only to find that the shoe repair guy picks things up one week and delivers them the following week - not good for our schedule. I try two drug stores and one grocery for flip flops, nothing available - best we can do are bedroom slippers, all fuzzy and floppy - and nothing in my size anyway.

We give up. Today was a terrible horrible no good very bad day, and, as I said, we're already in Australia!
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