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Silver Lining and My 6p.m. Whole Foods Plan Perhaps Not So Wise

Monday, July 08, 2013

In a bad turn of events, it appears my son and I are getting worse. My ears are infected, and I'm miserable. But that's not the kicker. I had to take my son to the E.R. on Sunday night, and it turns out he has a contagious disease, which I probably do too. Nothing lethal. But now, in my sick state, I have to clean the whole house and rewash all the laundry in hot water. We also have to stay home until we are cleared to have contact with other humans. The Silver Lining is that the house is getting really clean, and I am using this time to weed out the clothes, especially his clothes. The bad news is I only lasted two hours today, and we both had to take a long nap. I can't wait for my husband to get home. (Get home husband! I don't have a second wind coming.)

The 6p.m. whole foods plan perhaps is not providing the calories I need. O.K. I can't blame everything on the E.R. visit and the lack of appetite. The truth is there are not enough calories if I eat this way, which might explain why I lost so much weight doing the stupid Life Force Plan so many years ago. In theory, choosing whole foods as a first choice makes sense, but I am not getting enough calories, so far. I think choosing whole foods most of the time and having fruits and vegetables with every meal (there is an AND there) is probably more what I should do. I despise low calorie days as much as I do high calorie days.

Today has also been awful because in my mad rush to sanitize the house, I haven't had a varied diet, and I knew it as I was eating it. Grrrr. I texted my husband to bring me a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo from Burger King. Screw it. I don't feel like cooking.
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