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Chapter 2.5: In which I decide to leave most things the same

Monday, July 08, 2013

Okay so first off -- drumroll please ...


Allow me some self-congratulating here :) This is definitely fat loss and not water because my clothes and rings are fitting really loose. I can look at myself and see a change. It's a nice feeling. I'm more than halfway to my goal weight, but all the way into running and moderate weight training!

After four more pounds, I get a special treat: my navel repierced. I know some people think it's disgusting, but it was a treat to myself once before, and it grew over when I was pregnant. Getting it repierced will close the book on the story of my post-pregnancy weight gain. In a way, it's like graduating from slacking to taking my health and fitness seriously again.

Okay this next part is just me musing about what to change and what not to change, so it may be boring. You can stop here if you don't want endless details about what I think I'm doing right and/or wrong.


Over the weekend I blogged about how I was tired and starving all the time. That's a tad exaggerated, but it does concern me that I might be 1. doing too much or 2. not eating enough.


I'm not 100% sure I agree with this. There are people in my neighborhood who run 5 miles every morning. I don't think I'm killing myself with alternating walking and running. I'm actually at that point where I kind of crave going out and walking. I need to be set free. Eventually I hope I will feel the same way about running. I want to love it, but I'm still struggling with not panting all the time. I can't quite get to that "you can hold a conversation" level of oxygen consumption.

If I walk, I walk for an hour. If I run, I do my intervals for 30 minutes, then I go home and get on the bike and do the same interval set for 30 minutes on my stationery bike, just for the calories. I'm not exhausted, just a little tired. Not too tired to do 10-15 minutes of weight training, I don't think. I'm not ready to commit to seriously trying to build muscle weight. Right now my goal is to learn to run and to lose fat (and yes, I know having muscle will help with that, but I can't figure out a way to combine the training plan from NROL with the Spark plan right now.) So I'll do little bits of weight training here and there, and then when I'm at goal, look at investing in a gym membership or a barbell set or something.

What has suffered has been my dancing. I have REALLY let it go since the beginning of June when I started running/walking, and I can't let that happen. We have several big jobs in the next few weeks, and I'm not really prepared. Why? Because I've slacked off.

Sundays weren't meant to be walking days. They were meant to be rest and just dance days. Which means my only activity was supposed to be DANCING. But maybe this isn't going to work for me. I NEEDED to move yesterday, be outside. Baby gets up too early on the weekends for me to run outside before 6 am (God help him, the child needs no sleep!!) Maybe I need to make Mondays (his Kindermusik day) as my dance day? I always eat really light on Mondays, so maybe that's the day when I don't need to work out? Maybe that's the day I can do 30 minutes of strength training or something? Which would give me Sunday to start a new week of running training?

Can I get by with two hours of back-to-back activity? I almost have to, since I really only get a chance to work out when Darling Son is asleep (or hanging out in his crib, which is what he seems to do at naptime nowadays. I don't know when he stopped actually sleeping, but I wish I could get by on that little rest!)

Can I get done what I need to get done in only an hour? Not really. I'm used to at least a 90-minute practice session.

Can I get by with combining the running and walking days? I mean, I'm training for a half-marathon, which I plan to run/walk anyway. So why can't I just walk out the rest of the distance after my running interval training? I might experiment with that this week.


I think the issue here is my choice of higher-calorie foods (or rather, my husband's choice of cooking everything with pasta and butter.) He just got up the courage to start cooking for me, so I'm not going to be critical, but does EVERY meal have to be a pasta dish? Jeesh! We may have to have a talk about this.

What works for me, and what I really NEED is more protein and more fat. And probably more whole grains. I got sort of scared off of grains and carbs from everybody telling me that bread was bad for you, but I don't buy into the anti-gluten craze. Buttered toast keeps me full longer than the same amount of calories from fruit or even fruit and cheese. And the higher fat cheese actually makes me feel more full than the low-fat, and the calories in each serving are only SLIGHTLY different, so I'm sticking with full-fat.

Alcohol is SUCH a problem for me. 100 calories for 4 ounces is an incredible waste of calories. 200 for 8 ounces is even more of a waste, especially when I know I can have some cherries and a glass of milk and be happy. Slowly but surely I'm cutting back to wine only with dinner, and then only with certain dinners, until I'm at my target weight. Then maybe I can start adding it back in again (if I even want it again.)

I need to remember to add nuts to my salads. I love salads but spinach. lettuce, and red pepper can only go so far to supply you with energy. If I'm not going to eat dressing (yech!) then I need to add calories with nuts. Or chia or something. I'm still waiting to try that.

Off to go work out a new training plan for the next few weeks...
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    Congratulations! emoticon this is the only time lower numbers mean a higher score! emoticon

    I solved the not enough salad thing with adding the 2.6 packet of water-packed tuna. I feel almost stuffed after my "everyday lunch at work salad". It keeps me going a long, long time.

    1779 days ago
    1779 days ago
  • ROCKLAND2010
    Congratulations! All your activity is certainly working for you.
    Thank you for sharing.
    1779 days ago
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