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Recomitting to Killing 16 pounds I have REGAINED!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Since I am recommitting myself after my first year, and since I went a little nuts in the past few days and ate my weight in fattening foods, I am gonna put it all out there.

I spent a week eating salads for dinner and a protein shake and yogurt or Fiber One 90-calorie bars during the day and for snacks at night and I was hitting the Fiber One bars and still continually gaining weight. So I went a little nuts the past 3 days and ate an entire round cake (I box of mix) with lemon frosting, ordered pizza for dinner with the chocolate lava cakes... the they are gone.

I just weighed in at 244.2. This is a 16 pound gain since the end of May. I am NOT impressed and neither should anyone else be. I am very disappointed, so I know that I can't do this on my own with just "eyeballing" what I am eating throughout the day. Back to strict tracking and moving as much as I can. It's just sooooo hot! The heat index is killing me, but I can't use that as an excuse anymore. I have to get outside and SWEAT to get this fat back off. Even that 16 pounds has made me feel like a total slug and it's eating at my brain and my emotions, plus I FEEL the 16 EXTRA pounds I am dragging around.

I went grocery shopping the day before yesterday ONLY because I was completely out of dog food. So I stocked up on apples, bananas, lettuce, grapes, and YOGURT. Yogurt will have to be my sweet snack from now on instead of cake. I already had the cake mix, so I also bought lemon frosting, which I ate that night and yesterday. (I still have over half the container of lemon frosting, though!)

So the house is clean of tempting foods. And I think I can control myself to stay out of the marshmallows that I KNOW are here for the bonfire. :-)

Wish me luck. That means I now have 56 pounds to lose instead of the 40 I did have to get to where I wanted to be. It's a depressing thought and I have let it bring me down further and further every day. Thus, the stupid eating and lack of self-control. So here's to starting over again.

Fat Hugs from a Fat Chick, (but aren't fat lady hugs the best???)
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  • _LINDA
    I have gained unneeded weight back as well, a whopping (for me) 12 lbs!! This means I can't fit into some of my pants, bad, bad as my weight always goes straight to my stomach and hips. This is due strictly to overindulging my favorite salty snacks. I always track everything and its easy to see the grim truth slapping me in the face. Now that I have lost my uncle I have no excuses for stress binging. I just have to get back on track too. Its 57 this morning and I feel like I might have to wear my fall jacket on my ride to the gym this morning :( We are not getting the 89 predicted for today, far from it! For me, heat makes me feel better and cold stiffens me up. Wish we could trade!!! I wish you could find a pool to work out in -water exercise is great because you are pushing against all that resistance of water pressure and its great for sore parts as gravity doesn't pull on you so much. I loosen up so good being in the pool.
    Here is to us taking it up a notch and getting it done!
    PS Good luck with the marshmallows -those things are not safe around me :P At least they are low fat.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
  • IS1GAR
    Angie you took the biggest step to get back on can do this, you have done it before. Please make sure you are getting enough food in so your body doesn't go on starvation mode and holds on to every pound you have, this can be frustrating because when you don't see results at the scale that when your motivation slows down. But just remember the scale is not the only thing that determines your progress.
    Hang in there and keep sparking! emoticon
    1781 days ago
    emoticon emoticon It can be done. You know it can. Now you have to do what works to get that weight off.
    1781 days ago
    The important thing is that you are recognizing that you need to be back on track! My weaknesses are also pizza and cake. Good luck and look forward!
    1781 days ago
    Ouch! Sounds like you just went through what I did for the past couple of weekends. Sometimes, I really believe you just have to give in to the cravings for unhealthy food. I don't know if it's hormonal, or if our bodies just need something fattier and saltier occasionally. Whatever the case, you shouldn't beat yourself up over it, and I know you have the willpower to get back on track. I don't think you actually put back on 16 pounds of weight. I am sure a lot of that is water weight. If it's any consolation, after my binging last weekend, it took me only 4 days to lose seven pounds after I was back on track and exercising regularly. I know you can do this girl!

    1781 days ago
  • KELLY19770
    Ouch! Don't you hate when that happens? But, you are strong and you will come roaring back in short time :)
    1781 days ago
    We're both in the same boat, Ang! I put on too since the holidays and are trying so hard to get some off. Little by little! All I can tell you is that you and I have done the awesome job of losing before, so we know how to do it and we'll both keep our minds set to doing it again! Down to where we were before! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Thanks for your encouragement on my friends feed too! emoticon
    1781 days ago
    Ang I can't even tell you how many times I've been in your current position. I wish I could offer encouraging words that would click and make you get back on track but in all honesty YOU are the only one that can do that. I am proud of you for making a plan. I think that is the first step.

    You know I 100000000000% understand the summer heat... I'm in SW FL and our temps spike the upper 90's and 80% humidity and above daily. I know first hand how that can throw a hot and steamy dishrag on your work out so finding things to do indoors is key. Remember last year when you were cleaning.... EVERYTHING...? LOL... Well why dont you try that again? If you keep moving and keep your hands dirty it's a lot harded to put junk in your mouth. I've found myself starring at the chocolate chips or oatmeal cookies at night but I pick up a sponge and start whiping down the cabinets, counters, and inside my cabinet drawers. You wouldn't believe how dirty my darn baseboards get!!!
    I am sure you can find something to do to A.) keep moving and B.) get sidetracked from the marshmellows. I would say that if you give yourself a goal (say.... one week of clean, on track eating) then a marshmellow it is. Then week two modify it to a marshmellow and a piece of chocolate. Week 3 could be a graham cracker slice and again in week 4 a 2nd graham cracker slice. Work your way up to a full month and you've earned an ENTIRE s'more!!! And I'll even bet you've lost enought weight to eat the whole darn thing, LOVE it, and not gain a pound from it.

    1782 days ago
  • UMBLAH21
    Hey Ang, ouch. But glad you are getting back on track. I have some thoughts that may help. This being my 2nd round at sparking I have learned that you don't always have to eat healthy to stay in your calorie range. I have been going for 7 months strong now and have not always eaten my best and actually try to stay away from the "diet" orientated foods. I have also found that my body if much happier if I stay at the high end of my calories. I let my self have treats when I want them in moderation. Like last night. we burned one and decided to make a cake at 9pm lol. And I had enough calories left to have a small piece of cake and icecream.

    What I try to do, and it has worked great is: I have to stay under 1550

    Breakfast under---- 300
    Lunch under---------300
    noon snack under--100
    dinner under---------500
    night snacking------350

    I like to give my self a 350 calories at night for snacking, or whiskey, or the munchies lol. Works out pretty good.

    Missed you. Hugs--- E
    1782 days ago
    Wishing you the best always. I know you can do it. emoticon
    1782 days ago
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