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Building Willpower Muscles

Monday, July 08, 2013

I have a hard time telling myself that i can no longer eat a certain food at all. I usually avoid doing that. In the past it has often led to my bingeing on that very food after some time of feeling 'deprived.' I would feel very self-righteous about having gone without - and would reward myself with the binge.

Things are a little different now, though, I'm happy to say.
I did begin this summer by telling myself that I would not have ANY crumb cake at the beach. And that is serving me well.
And, surprisingly, it has helped me quite a bit. I no longer had to argue with myself about whether or not I would have a piece this morning - and later in the afternoon, if I would have some of the leftover piece.
It was NONE. NO pieces at all.
I know that I will not be bingeing on crumb cake any time this summer.
I actually feel better not any of eating it. It really is way too many carbohydrates for me, and not much nutritional value.

And it is good to be able to refrain from eating something on a long term basis for a good reason. I want to build on that skill.

So I am practicing this skill by banning something important to me -- for just a week.
Yesterday I decided I would not eat any nuts for a week.
They are one of my favorite foods-- and I tend to eat too many of them.
Nuts have so many calories in them that it is easy to go over my limit for the day.

Because the time period is only a week, I won't have any trouble staying with it.

I am performing this as an exercise in self-discipline. I want to be able to feel more in control than I have been in the past.
I guess you could say I'm working on building up my willpower muscles with an exercise like this.

And that's a good thing!


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