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25 more weeks

Monday, July 08, 2013

We have about 25 more weeks till the end of this year (yes I am already counting).
I got to thinking that if I, got rid of 2 pounds a week, then I would be 50 pounds lighter by New Years. Now usually I can sit here and read stuff online about how to do it, but in my real life it never works because I don't have my own money for grocery shopping or my own kitchen to prepare food.

But I gotta find a way for this to work!!!

Now there is a scale in the bathroom I use, and I step on it quite often. Sometimes a few times a day. The number goes up & down alot even within the same day. So this morning I got out my tape measure and decided to wrap it around my middle where it met at my belly-button. I looked down and saw the number 46.5 inches.
Now I wear my the waist-band of my pants up higher then my belly-button, but this seemed to be a good spot to remember where to keep track of measurements.
If I am able to lose the 50 pounds by the end of the year, then I haven't got a clue what a good number for a measurement would be right now, but I do know that 46+ inches ain't it.

It would seem that the scale isn't all that reliable and maybe the tape measure might give me a better picture.
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    One of the things that I noticed is helpful is focusing on fitness minutes instead of the number on the scale. Try to find something that motivates you and drives you instead of the scale. Scales are frustrating. Hide it or put it up for a while if you have to. It is a good tool but it's stepping on it often is not good for anyone's sanity. I understand that it's tempting. We have done it at some point but most of us feel better when we quit doing that! If you weigh yourself more than once in a day, it is very normal for numbers to fluctuate. If you don't want to put it up for a while, try weighing once a week and in the morning. :)

    For some people, losing 50 lbs in 25 weeks is possible but for others, it takes more time. I read an article that explained women are more likely to lose 1 lbs a week and are more likely to lose 2 because guys have more muscle mass. I am not saying it is not possible to lose 2 lbs in a week but it's hard to predict how our bodies will respond to the changes we make and the activity level we put it. Every week will be different. Just know that one week you may lose 4 lbs and another week you may see no change at all but that doesn't mean your hard work isn't paying off. Whether you lose 50 lbs or 30 or 25, it is still going to be a great accomplishment. Just take things one day at a time! :)

    Also, if you have a lot of trouble with losing weight, get your thyroid checked out.
    I had mine tested 3 times and it came back NORMAL but that didn't matter because my body was screaming out the symptoms. Finally, the 4th test showed something! This is especially important if you are exhausted all the time.

    It can be tough being able to buy healthy food or getting your family (or whoever does the grocery shopping) to get on board with being healthy. Maybe just request having a little bit of healthy stuff around. If not, you can always compromise and try to make things healthier. Sometimes, I just have to work with what I have and it may not be the healthiest but you have to get creative. Definitely easier said than done, I understand!

    Good luck with everything!

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    1783 days ago
    Two pounds may be unrealistic. Maybe focus on your habits as others have said, rather than the number on the scale? Really, nobody sees the number on the scale, but EVERYONE sees how you fit in your clothes!
    1784 days ago
    How often to weigh is an individual decision, but I choose once a day, first thing in the morning after I use the bathroom, in NO clothes!! Why? Because once you drink a glass of water or eat something or add clothes you weigh more - how much more depends on what you eat, drink, or what clothes you wear.

    This works for me because I log EVERYTHING I eat and drink. So if I have a one pound weight gain I can look at the nutrients from the previous day and see WHY. Most often its sodium and/or carbs, so I know whether to be concerned or not. I want to weigh every day because what if that one day I weighed one more pound happened to be the one day a week I choose to weigh? I prefer seeing the daily fluctuations. But that's just me....
    1784 days ago
    So I guess I will throw in my 2-cents. My humble unbiased (?) opinion is thus.
    1. Do NOT get weighed more than once a week... same time, same clothes (or none). 2. keep a log of your weigh-ins... not to judge yourself on your worthiness but just to see what's changing and what is not.
    3. Meanwhile, as soon as you can get the money together-- invest in a really good food scale !! Then weigh everything you eat and use either a paper log or the SparkPeople Nutrition tracker to keep an honest log of every LICK, BITE, and TASTE that goes into your mouth. 'Cuz we all know if it gets into our mouths ...We will swallow.
    4. Also use the SparkPeople Fitness tracker or your own paper log to honestly record the time, duration, and type of motion you have been doing for exercise.

    After a week of really paying attention to what you are doing.
    5. Pick just one habit you want to change... and decide what your "NEW" habit will be... It really should be something that you can TRACK AND DO for the rest of your life.... like eat a healthy breakfast or briskly walk to the mailbox and back at least once a day Monday through Friday..

    6. Keep your trackers going.
    7. When a new habit is getting easy to keep and thus becoming a "NEW OLD HABIT" repeat #5 & #6 until you have made all the new habits that you can think of that you need to make... then maybe keep your trackers going for a while longer to help you really make ALL your new habits your "NEW OLD HABITS" .

    And always remember, YOU are WORTHY, and IMPORTANT so treat yourself with RESPECT ! There will always be times when you eat more than you meant to, or something you told yourself you would not eat... do not let an oops spoil your meal, your day, your week, or your life.

    I have faith in YOU... YOU are strong and YOU can do anything you decide to do.
    Make yourself a PRIORITY in your life, not an option.

    End of lecture... Wow, I think I just did a blog on your blog.,
    Forgive me ?
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    1784 days ago
    I weigh myself once a week--same day, time, and in the same clothing. That works best for me--a few years ago I found myself becoming obsessed with the scale which drove me crazy. Since you don't have the optiion of purchasing or preparing your meals, control the things that you can (i.e. portion sizes, sugar intake, water intake, exercise, etc.) And I agree with the other comment that the way your clothing fits, size changes, and energy levels will give you positive feedback. emoticon emoticon
    1784 days ago
    An even better picture is how your clothes fit or change sizes, how you feel and how much energy you have.
    1784 days ago
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