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Maintenance and exercise

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Well, I met my ultimate weight goal of 140 back in March. Then the pounds kept dropping. I think it finally stopped, I now weigh around 132-133 and have for several weeks now. I'm 5'8 1/2" and about to turn 60 years old. Wow, never in my last 2o years would I have believed I would ever weigh this little again. I was always skinny even after having my babies in the 70's. Only when I stopped smoking and had a hysterectomy in the same day Dec 30 1996, did the pounds start accumulating. I've yet to have a doctor tell me I needed to lose weight. In October when I began this SP journey in sincerity I had been for a check up and ended up with a nurse practitioner who tried to double my bp med and put me on antidepressants. That day I weighed in at 167 and she told me I was a good weight! Of course she was overweight herself so I guess I did look pretty slim to her. I wasn't about to go on all these meds including 40mgm of my bp med! Since then I've given up 6-9 cups of coffee per day and only drink 1-2. I increased my water consumption and now have no problem drinking more than my 8 glasses per day. I begin my morning with a big glass of water and sit down to pray, then I try to get in a few minutes of exercise usually a Coach Nicole short video, after that I get in the shower and do wall push ups and some yoga stretching. That really gets my endorphins going. Now I am on 10mg bp med and my bp is lower than it has been since I was diagnosed with hi bp in 2003. I haven't had a migraine since October either! I take our lunch to the office most days and try to keep us out of fast food places. I know I still need to do better on my exercise and my weakness in food is chips. I know I don't need the chips, they have too much sodium (oh yes, I use very little salt on my food now). I'm married to a saltaholic so I try to keep our food separate. Many times I scoop out my portion of a veggie and then season his so I don't get all that salt. Meats are easier, I pick out my piece and season it with Ms Dash, garlic and/or onion powder then season his for him. I even cook them in separate pans sometimes so that mine does soak up his sodium. When I make burgers, mine is made with turkey not beef. I even slip turkey in on him when I make something like tacos. Speaking of tacos, I slipped plain greek yogurt on him instead of sour cream, he had no idea :). This blog isn't going where I started but I guess I needed to put all this in writing to sort of "get it off my chest". I don't want to lose any more weight. I really don't like what I see in the mirror. The weight loss has left me showing my age, wrinkles are more prominent, my neck now has a turkey gobble look and the underside of my upper arms sort of flap in the wind. Yesterday, I went shopping for some new clothes. I inadvertently took a pair of size 4 capris to the dressing room. Only after I put them on zipped them up and realized they were a little tight and made my butt look like these 16 year olds who wear pants that look like they are barely hanging on to their hips did I look at the tag again and realize they were a size 4, that was amazing! However, I am scared to death of gaining the weight back. I lost about 25 lbs the year I turned 50 and it slowly creeped back on over the past 10 years. I don't want it to slip back on me again like it did then. I intend to recommit to upping my exercise time especially since it's summer and I should have more motivation to do it and I will work on cutting out more sodium from my diet. I do believe maintaining is much harder than losing, at least for me it is.
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