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"EXCUSES" by Sandy Izer

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I think this will sound Very Familiar to Many of Us. It is a Clear Reminder of Why Diets Don't Work.

emoticon Starting on Monday I'll Diet or Die
I'll eat Celery and Carrots instead of Pie
I could cut down my Calories to 1,000 or so
Look out World, I'\m ready to go!!
Eat balanced meals without Snacks in between
Then soon I should not be afraid to be seen
Starting on Monday I'll Diet or Die
But Today I'll sneak in my Last Piece of Pie!

emoticon Then Monday arrives, Bright Shiny & New
I've bragged to My Family how well I will do
Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper I've really given it a try
Then in the Evening some Friends drop by
Someone suggests Pizza and Soda and Nuts
And all I can do is say If, And, But....
I tell them I'll eat, but a Very Small Bit
But when I get started, I never do quit.

emoticon Then comes Tuesday with New Determination
I'm invited to a Party with lots of Relations
No use starting My Diet today
Tonight at the Party I'll just go astray
Sure Enough, that night found lots of food on my Tray
So I put off till Tomorrow what I should have done Today.

emoticon Wednesday I feel a little more Tubby
But I still think I should bake a Cake for my Hubby
I wouldn't want him to suffer for my own lack of Will Power
But even when I'm starting with the Eggs and the Flour
I can hear Myself saying "I'll Get Started Tomorrow"

emoticon On Thursday I'm invited for Supper to My Mother-In-Law's house
And I promised I'd eat like the Tiniest Mouse
But when I arrived to My Dismay
There's the Largest Feast on display
I ate everything in sight except the Potato Peelings
Because I was afraid I'd hurt her feelings.

emoticon Well, Friday's here the week almost gone
No use starting on the Weekend with everything going on
There's Groceries on Friday and Saturday's Shopping
All those Snacks in between would keep me hopping.

emoticon There'll be Guests for Lunch on Sunday
And, besides, it's only One Day till Monday
All this Week I really did try
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