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I've Flipped My . . .

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I realized today I've flipped my pyramid. You know how those contractors buy an old run down house and work real hard with demolition and renovation to make the house livable again? Well that's what I've done.

Last Summer, my pyramid looked like this even though I was trying to be healthy:

Notice nuts, seeds, and legumes are non-existant in my diet, up in the cloud?

Take a moment and sketch YOUR food pyramid. Where are you getting most of your calories form? Do you have any major foods up in the cloud, never passing your lips?

In October I embraced Dr. Furhmans Nutritarian ideas, I've worked to demolish my old pyramid ever since.

So what is a Nutritarian? Someone who consciously seeks the most nutrient dense foods on the planet; and who avoids eating foods which have been scientifically proven to cause health problems. And the nutrients are much bigger than carbs, proteins, fats, and the 13 vital vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Fuhrman's food pyramid was the graphic that helped me understand where I would need to shift my thinking or eating.

Now animal products, white flour products, sugary desserts, fried foods and most processed foods are up in my cloud. Once in a while it rains on me, but I try to avoid the thunderstorms!!

Fruits were the first to come in as I used them to substitute for all the sugar I had been consuming. Then I had to train myself to eat vegetables. That training is still happening. I read the post of a new member who is just starting ETL and who has embraced the vegan way like she has been eating vegetables for a long time, and I envied how easy it seemed to be for her.

This "flipping", or realigning of your own diet pyramid to get it to look like Dr. Fuhrman's is what the 6 week plan on Eat to Live (ETL) is all about: To learn what eating nutrient dense food is like, and set up the lifetime healthy habits so it becomes second nature for you.

You have to start where you are, and begin to make changes. You might focus on doing something about what you consider to be your unhealthiest food practice. You might focus on bringing in a group of foods you are NOT eating, like me with veggies.

A bunch of us are following the 6 week plan right now. We are flipping our pyramids. And some of us need a lot of flipping. We need to be strong, but gentle with our wonderful selves who have undertaken this flipping. After all, we are creating a whole new life!! And that's a flippin' big undertaking.

Come join us!! the first week is almost over for those of us who started July 1.

But don't let that stop you! It's time to get healthy!! It's time to Eat to Live!! Our fearless leader even has an outline of the program in our Announcements!
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