5k times are starting to tumble

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Getting to the point where i could cover 5k on the treadmil has been a huge challange for me.

I started coach to 5k and never made it to the end, then I tried the spark people version and again didn't make it.

Last year I decided it was time to pick up this 5k challenge again week 1 was tough, week 2 even tougher and week 3 I had to repeat more times than i remember !

One year later and I haven't quite run an entire 5k I still need that mid walk but, my walk is getting shorter and my run is getting faster.

In May it took me 46 minutes to cover the 5k with I think 5 walks.
In june it had it down to 45 mins and 25 secs and 3 walks
and today It was still 3 walks but with a time of 44 mins 25 seconds.

I think its time to start looking for a 5k race date ! Soon I will be able to do this with out the walks
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