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It's not all glitter and rainbows

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Oh how I wish it were easy.
Oh how I wish there was a 'secret'.

But every one of us who goes through this, whether it be 5 lbs or 100 lbs gone knows, it's all about the work. The hard work you put in. The careful planning of the meals. Tracking every bite. Skipping off to the gym more often than you may wish it took. Eating less processed foods or getting more HIIT in. Whatever it may be, it isn't easy.

We look at those who have come before us, those magically successful people who lost the weight, and we want to be there, too. We want to be right there, at goal, happy and confident and waving our (sweat) rags of success. To skip along into the future, weight-loss achieved, no more worrying to do!

I bet there was a point in each of us where we have gone, 'Man, I wish I was at goal right now!' Or even, 'Man, I wish I was at goal right now! I won't have to worry so much about what I eat/how much I workout anymore.'

I know it. I know when I was more naive about the process I just wanted to be at goal, and not have to worry so much about everything anymore. I've been there, done that, and gained the weight back to prove it.

I wish some days it were that easy.

Sure, there are some little 'secrets' I have picked up along the way:
emoticon drink more water
emoticon exercise more
emoticon the more HIIT or running I do the more calories I seem to be able to eat and yet still lose weight
emoticon volumetrics works for people who like to eat a large amount of food. (ex: a big salad instead of a slice of bread with dinner, a pile of fresh veggies instead of a couple french fries)
emoticon Your body keeps track of the calories and nutrition, even if you don't track it.

But listen. The path from point A (where you are) to point B (where you want to end up) is not strewn with glitter and rainbows. There is sometimes not even a marching band and fireworks around every corner. And especially when you take a tumble off that slippery path. The only person there, right there at that point in time, is YOU.

You are responsible for your successes and your slips. And hate is not going to un-eat the cookies. So love yourself, forgive yourself, celebrate yourself and change yourself!

Oh, and do all of those things without food. This past birthday I celebrated with a run, a boxing lesson, and a quarter of a watermelon. Okay. Fine. So it DID include food. But is there anything better than fresh fruit? And it was tracked. Big change from the meal out and big piece of cake (or 2!) in years past. I have celebrated New Years with friends, and no one even noticed I stayed away from the higher calorie foods. No one notices when I don't order the alcohol with a meal. They may notice the first time or two, but slowly your new habits replace your old.

Are you succeeding in getting to point B right now? Right in this very moment? Today? This week?
If the answer is yes, then WAY TO GO! Woohoo! Celebrate with an extra mile on your next run! Celebrate with an extra rep in your lifts, or an extra hug from the person who feels like your biggest supporter on this journey! Celebrate! Because you obviously know what is working for you, and what needs to continue in the next week or month.

If the answer is no, then the only thing you can do is CHANGE what you are doing. Because obviously what you are doing right now is not working. Sometimes if we are having a rough go and we KNOW we are having a rough go (food or exercise-wise) we may want a hug and a 'tomorrow is a new day, start fresh!' We may want to be reassured that yes, you CAN pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back on the path to success, because in those moments we may wonder if we can be successful. But what we also NEED is a kick in the @ss. No excuses. Bah bah bah- no excuses. The only one affected by your excuses is you. And unless you really do have a thyroid issue or something medical which prevents you from losing weight then it is obviously one of 2 things: FOOD or EXERCISE. The cupcakes don't eat themselves and the weights don't lift themselves, so the common denominator is YOU. Change is often not easy. Change is often not comfortable. But change can be very, very good. Especially when it comes to losing the weight we want to lose, and building the shape we want to have.

Didn't your mamma ever tell you:

Tomorrow never comes, so make those changes today! Are you worth working hard for? I am worth it, so I put in the work. Success begins with hard work. No amount of wishing and bare minimums will get you all the way there. Do an extra rep, an extra mile, an extra healthy snack instead of the pudding cup.

Success will be yours.

Hard work and dedication.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    July 2017: OMG. I am inspiring myself all over again. This version of me clearly knows what she is talking about and I have to follow my own advice. Fall off the path but get back up again. The cupcakes don't eat themselves.
    311 days ago
    I'm going to print this out and keep it in my journal. It's just perfect. It's just what I needed. Thank you.
    1742 days ago
    Love this blog!! You are dead on!!!! You got this!!
    1782 days ago
    if I knew then what I know now I'd rejoice in building that muscle of self control and be gentler when I've worked it hard and it's feeling worn. For the present I'm working on forgiving myself for choosing to undetmine myself. .I needed this reminder...tnx
    1782 days ago
    Love love love this: waving our (sweat) rags of success !!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Can't wait. Gotta get me one of those. ;)

    1782 days ago
    UGH - it ain't easy.

    I disagree on one point though... I run & do HIIT so I can eat the pudding (and alcohol) a few times a week! I know myself enough to know that deprivation leads to much worse behavior. All things in moderation. :-)

    1783 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    "Tomorrow never comes, so make those changes today" - that's something I will take with me. Also "the cupcakes don't eat themselves and the weights don't lift themselves - the common denominator is you" Thanks for this blog!!! For all your blogs, actually - I've been reading the old ones bit by bit, and i get a lift from your attitude and energy.
    1784 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    emoticon Thank you so much for sharing!
    1784 days ago
    love this - especially "don't wish for it, work for it." I've been trying to give myself a pep talk and then I stumbled onto your blog on my friend feed. emoticon emoticon
    1784 days ago
  • AMY4593
    Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much I needed this blog today!

    Moments like this are why I come to Sparkpeople!
    1784 days ago
    emoticon blog!!!! emoticon
    1784 days ago
    Wow.. you read my mind... best line of the blog? "Your body keeps track of the calories and nutrition, even if you don't track it".. I'm stealing it.. just wanted you to know! HA..

    I am finally being successful at weight loss and I have found that it's FREAKING HARD... not impossible.. but HARD none the less.. but worth it.. college was hard too.. working to get my promotion was hard.. etc. etc.. but all of these successes tasted so sweet when complete.. so suck it up buttercup.. it's hard.. just do it.. and then experience the satisfaction!! I tell myself that on a daily basis..

    Great blog!!!!

    Embrace the Suck
    1784 days ago
  • KJACOBS1111
    1784 days ago
    Awesome blog!!
    1784 days ago
    Great blog! Lots to think about! emoticon
    1784 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    Great blog. I am one who came before you so I type this ever so gently. There's nothing magical about success. It's doing what you know we should--most of the time. Reaching your weight goal is not, "...weight-loss achieved, no more worrying to do!" or "I won't have to worry so much about what I eat/how much I workout anymore.'" That mindset is why you read so many posts from members who met their goal and then quickly regained what they lost plus more. When I met my weight goal I added about 100 calories a day. That's about average. Consider that what you are doing to reach your weight goal is training for lifetime maintenance. Continue focusing on how much better you feel at a lower weight. You were happy celebrating your birthday with activity instead of pigging out. It takes time but at some point healthy food and exercise will seem normal. I wish you continued success.
    1785 days ago
    Great motivation!
    1785 days ago
    I like the line that your body keeps track of the calories and nutrition, even if you don't. You may kid yourself, and you may not follow your plan with no one else seeing you do it, but your body keeps track. That's a keeper. Glenn
    1785 days ago
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