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Saturday, July 6th - Let your woohoos carry you!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Say it. Just say it.
"Woo. Hoo."

Those two simple words are in-VIG-orating. Even a grumpy-guss Eeyore can't say those words without some sort of semblance of a smile coming onto their face. Even if someone's saying it sarcastically, the way the words come out are just a breath of fresh air.

I dare you to try saying Woo Hoo, in a downbeat fashion, and let the words truly reflect any negative emotion you've got!

Now, try saying those words as you're getting out of your chair, as you're slipping into your sneakers, as you're beginning your fitness routine: Woo-Hoo!

Two simple words- not even definitive words- become almost like a mantra for energy gathering. If you were already pumped, those words become your battle cry, and help push you into your next activity. It is your statement to the world- "I'm EXCITED for this!"

Woohoos can be built off of anything. Adrenaline from things that have already happened. Excitement for what's about to come. Or even a Promise TO yourself for what you mean to accomplish. Because, you wouldn't Woo Hoo yourself if you're NOT planning on meeting your exercise goals- would you?

Even if you've had a drag-me-through-the-mud, why-in-the-world-should-I-care
-about-stuff? sort of day... Just utter "Woo hoo." Your heart may not be in it. Your soul, actually, may not be in it. But, utter those words. Your mind may then think about why you just did that. And that, right there, leads to the chain reaction of Action. Not necessarily physical, but anything that can help you make your day just a -little- bit brighter.

And when we're all even a little bit brighter, the community shines sooooo much more!

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