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Saturday, July 06, 2013

I have been at my parents' house for almost a week. The main reason for this is because I got a call from a job. They had full time work for me, so once I get my first paycheck, I'll be able to buy a car and commute. I sent in background check paperwork last Tuesday, and I'm hoping they'll call me back next week sometime. It's been nice to not have anything to do, but at the same time, not knowing exactly when I'll start working has me a little anxious. I'm sure things will turn out for the better....

I've been going to the gym with my younger sister, and the eating is getting better. I'm motivated more by the fact that I promised myself I wouldn't allow myself to return to school bigger than I was when I left. I know I can do this. I also want to go for a jog later this afternoon.

I've been feeling really 'blah' about school. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go after Western Oregon University. I feel very lost. I wanted to get my Master's in Social work, but I want to challenge myself. I've had an almost secret interest in law and I would love to go to law school. That means I either have to take the LSAT. I've been trying to network and branch out to people, but unfortunately, I don't actually know anyone.
I honestly don't know anyone who is in graduate school at all, and it makes me nervous. I'll need to worry about funding and all that. I can't help feel like things will work out though. I just have to remain patient, and do my best.

I'm also trying to remain optimistic about my future, but sometimes it seems really hard because of all the stories I hear about people getting their degrees and not being able to find work. I think part of that is because they didn't continue on to graduate school. With a degree as broad as Sociology, you kind of have to keep going if you're going to get a career out of it. None of my friends did that.

My strategy is to take things one day at a time. I want to enjoy my break, but I also need to make sure I'm doing a lot of reading regarding the topic of my senior project, and studying for the LSAT. I can't just wish for things to happen. I have to do the work. I don't have much else to talk about....I've just been a little depressed....I don't have a car, and it seems like everyone else around me is going on fun trips and vacations. I've never actually gone on a real vacation. In fact, I don't have any fun plans for this summer, and I am very unsure about what's going to happen....I guess I just felt like after this school year, things kind of turned to 'blah'.

The Fourth was fun...Took a day trip to the coast with family and I climbed the big sand dune in Pacific city. I'm more physically fit now than I was the last time I tried to climb it, so that's cool. I guess I just feel trapped. Sometimes I feel like I just need to run away and forget it all. Perhaps that just makes me seem spoiled.
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  • RMROSS10
    Don't fret about sociology! I know a ton of people do but I graduated with a BA in sociology and love where I am in my career. GRANTED it is not lucrative. Know that going in. Especially without a Masters (I'm currently in graduate school for my MSW). But it is fulfilling and, if you have the passion for it, wildly rewarding.

    I've been working for 5 years, and I got a job before I graduated college, you just have to start strong. Usually you can take a job that's not ideal and prove yourself for a promotion in 6 months to a year. There are tons of people in this field that are doing the bare minimum because they've checked out. You just have to earn your stripes so to speak.

    There will always be a need for people in this field!
    2046 days ago
    Maybe try looking into jobs a little bit, and organizations that you would like to work for. Then see what the qualifications are for the job you want to be doing for your career. That might help you figure out what your next step is on your way to getting there. Maybe it is more school, or maybe it is gaining work experience in a certain area. You could also try to do some volunteering in areas/organizations you think you might like. That gives you experience to put on your resumé and also gives you the chance to suss out what is a good fit for you.
    2048 days ago
    Going to grad school was one of the best things I ever did :) It wasn't easy, but I enjoyed it. I went to a school where I didn't know anyone, and I made friends quickly-- in fact, far more quickly than in college! I got my master's degree then and am going back this fall (after teaching for five years) to get my PhD.

    I'm not sure how law school works, but in both of my programs (both in English), the school actually pays for my classes. I teach a couple classes each semester in return. They also provide a stipend, a little extra money to live on. It's not a whole lot, but it was plenty for a single person in a basic apartment :)

    I had to take the GRE each time; I did a lot better the second time because I studied a lot for it. I don't know what the LSAT is like, but your plans to start studying for it are good :)

    If you have any other grad school questions or concerns, I'll be happy to help :) Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
    2049 days ago
  • LETHA_
    The future is a smorgasbord of wonderful experiences for you. Get yourself ready to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.
    2049 days ago

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