Southern Comfort Foods

Saturday, July 06, 2013

There are two foods that are Southern Comfort Foods that even after 20 years as a resident of WI that I sorely miss! One is Pimiento Cheese....also know as the Caviar of the South.

And the other. . . .

Today I cooked my silver haired honey 
a southern style banana pudding 

Since he is recovering from a long year of taking care of me 
I thought it might stimulate his taste buds 

What is southern style banana pudding you ask 
Why - it is pudding made in the south

You must have very ripe bananas - getting brown spots on them 
sugar - flour - eggs - vanilla - milk - and a pinch of salt 
and of course  vanilla wafers 
With much stirring - mixing - cooking 
You get the most delicious concoction in the world 

I have said all of that to say this - Banana pudding is a lot like us as we get older,  It has the right ingredients for living - when mixed together in the right portions 
SUGAR - the sweet things of life -  makes it all worth while 
SALT - the hard days we go through - helps to bring out the sweetness 
EGGS - where life begins and keeps us going 
FLOUR - the substance that keeps us together –
MILK - liquid that gives the smoothness and add texture to each day 
VANILLA WAFERS -  little treasures that add to the taste of life 
BANANAS GETTING BROWN SPOTS - just because they are old and looks like they are ready for the trash - doesn't mean they are ! Their best days are ahead - the riper the banana the sweeter the pudding 

Now I think I will serve me and my honey a dish of 
Southern Style Banana Pudding 
you are welcome to join us 

(I have adapted from....Kathy Collier 3 - 14 - 2007 take on the recipe)
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