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Saturday Night~

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hey Spark People,I hope you are having a nice day and surviving the adventure to conquer your goals. One step at a time, and one day after the next until each day it gets that little bit closer till you find the new you, who is an extension on the you that was there all along. And I am just writing whatever comes to my mind at the time. I like to do that, just start a blog and go with the flow where ever my brain takes me. And I don't know where my blogs will go when I start without a subject, actually even when i know what i am going to blog about. I love writing and my brain loves the journey of my madness. emoticon
It is raining and quite cold here today. Sammy and I watched a programme about strange pets on animal planet. We were going to watch the Bachelorette, which I had taped last night and another programme I taped. But something went wrong and the bachelorette didn't tape. Dwayne and Sammy had a fight last night and sammy went off to bed so we didn't see our programmes. The strange pet one was interesting. People kept all sorts of weird pets, like camels,alsorts of lizards, snakes, and lots of others.
As well as our four cats, we also have the two chihuahuas and four rabbits. We have our last budgie, we had others who haved lived with us for years. But they are all gone now and Ash is the last one. He is about seven or eight.

This is Spookie(the fluffy one) and Maxi on the bird house.

This is Crystal and Princess on the windowsill.

This is Angel with a concrete lion.

These lovely bushy tress Dwayne planted to make this staircase a little safer. It worked well, until the rabbits got hold of the trees. Now the tress have all the bottom chewed off and only a knob of tree on the top where the rabbits can't reach them. We used to let the boy rabbits have run of the back yard. They are in a rabbit hutch now. Dwayne also planted a lovely vege garden, he did put some wiring around it. But-guess who ate all the vegetables and left just a few stalks?? The rabbits did-hmmm. Sometimes it's like the pets run our house.

This is some of the newborn rabbit babies. The mother rips some of her fur out when she is close to delivering to make the babies warm. if a human touches the baby the mum will reject the baby. They are born bawld(sorry spelling) and blind.
I hope you are having a nice day.
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And whether you are at goal and maintaining or still have weight to lose keep plodding on and you will get there
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Or whether you are quitting smoking-you can achieve that goal too emoticon I did, I smoked like crazy. I was a heavy smoker and I chain smoked and smoked more when stressed emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
We can achieve anything we set our mind to if we just believe emoticon

This was me when Dwayne was little , about twenty years ago when I was hooked on walking and I used to walk up the firebreaks. We called it the mountain, it was a really strenuous walk and I couldn't get enough of it.I want to get to that stage again of walking.

This is Dwayne up the mountain.

This is me and Dwayne about the same time frame as when I walked up the mountain. I had lost alot of weight. Although it is the last ten or so years that I got over a hundred kilo. We met up with Fred and Barney from the Flintstones:)
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